Person:Nathaniel Dugger (2)

m. Bef 1830
  1. Elizabeth Dugger1834/35 - Aft 1850
  2. William Henry Dugger1837/38 - Aft 1860
  3. John Dugger1841/42 - Aft 1850
  4. Mary Ann Dugger1843/44 - Aft 1860
  5. Columbus Dugger1844/45 - Aft 1860
  6. Margaret Dugger1850 - Aft 1860
Facts and Events
Name Nathaniel Dugger
Gender Male
Birth? 1802/03 Brunswick, North Carolina, United States
Marriage Bef 1830 Effingham, Georgia, United Statesto Mary Ann Unknown
Death? 1850/1860 Lowndes, Georgia, United States

Nathaniel Dugger was born ca 1802/1803 per his age (47) on the 1850 census. He was born somewhere in North Carolina. If he is part of the John Dugger (c1741) family, which seems likely, then he was probably born in Brunswick (now Columbus) Co., NC.

Nathaniel's parents are unknown, but he is probably a grandson (or great grandson) of John Dugger (c1741). It seems almost certain that Nathaniel is a brother to Harvey Dugger (c1811) for Nathaniel's children were living with Harvey in 1860 and his widow was next door to Harvey on that census.

Nathaniel married someone prior to 1830, probably in Effingham Co., GA, though no record was found. (His wife per the 1850 census was named Mary, but she is too young to be the same wife listed on the 1830 census.)

Nathaniel was listed on the 1830 census in Effingham Co., GA.

  • Effingham Co., GA page 115 Nathaniel Dugger 1000100000000-2000100000000
  • Analysis:
  • 1 male 20-29 (1800/1810)=Nathaniel Dugger (c1803)
  • 1 male 0-4 (1825/1830)=Unknown son
  • 1 female 20-29 (1800/1810)=Wife
  • 2 females 0-4 (1825/1830)=1-Unknown daughter; 2-Unknown daughter

During the 1830's the family moved south to Lowndes Co., GA. They were listed there on the 1840 census, the only Duggers there at the time.

  • Lowndes Co., GA page 244 Nathaniel Dugger 2000010000000-0000100000000
  • Analysis:
  • 1 male 30-39 (1800/1810)=Nathaniel Dugger (c1803)
  • 2 males 0-4 (1835/1840)=1-Unknown son; 2-Henry Dugger (c1838) son
  • 1 female 20-29 (1810/1820)=Mary Ann (---) Dugger (c1820) wife

They were still in Lowndes for the 1850 census.

7th Census of the United States - 1850
Name Age Sex Race Occupation Real $ Birth Place
Lowndes Co, GA - Division No 53
Page 721, House # 6, Family # 6
Dugger Nathaniel 47 M W Carpenter NC
Dugger Mary Ann 30 F W GA
Dugger Elizabeth 15 F W GA
Dugger Henry 12 M W GA
Dugger John 8 M W GA
Dugger Polly Ann 6 F W GA
Dugger Columbus 5 M W GA
Dugger Margaret 2/12 F W GA

Nathaniel Dugger died in the 1850's in Lowndes, or in Brooks (formed from Lowndes in 1858).