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Dr. Nathaniel Carter Cowgill
Facts and Events
Name Dr. Nathaniel Carter Cowgill
Gender Male
Obituary[1] 25 Jun 1898 [[Place: | ]]
  1. June 25, 1898
    Logansport Reporter

    That Cost Dr. Nathaniel C. Cowgill His Life.

    Swallowed Deadly Poison, Thinking It Was Cascara.

    As a result of a large swallow of gelsemium, taken by mistake, Dr.N. C. Cowgill lies dead at his home on Sycamore street.

    O. G. Cowgill, a son of the deceased, lives at No. 203 Sycamore street, and he and the doctor kept house there. The son went to Royal Centre yesterday, and upon returning was informed by his father that he had taken a dose of gelsemium, thinking it was fluid extract of cascara; that he had taken whisky and coffee as an antidote and wanted him to prepare more coffee. He gradually grew worse and Drs. Cady and Arthur Herrmann were summoned, but were
    unable no counteract the effects of the poison which had saturated his entire system. He rapidly grew worse, and, although, the attending physicians had hopes of his recovery at one time, he passed away at 6 o'clock this morning.

    The doctor had been a sufferer from dyspepsia for a number of years and had of late been taking small doses of cascara to get relief. Yesterday, with a bottle of cascara and a bottle of gelsemium in either hand, the doctor, absentmindedly, took a swallow of the deadly poison. He noticed bis mistake as quickly almost as the stuff entered his mouth, and had he taken active measures his life might have been saved.

    The doctor told Druggist Hugh Smith shortly after that he had taken gelsemium, but thought that he did not swallow enough to hurt him.

    Dr. Cowgill was 71 years of age and had been a practicing physician in this city for several years. He was formerly a resident of Royal Centre and was engaged in the practice of medicine there before coming to this city. He located here because this city afforded him better opportunities. In this he failed, for his health became impaired shortly
    after his arrival here, and he limited his work.

    The remains will be shipped to North Manchester Monday for burial, the deceased's wife being buried at that place.

    Logansport Pharos
    Jun 27, 1898
    Was Held at North Manchester, Ind, Today.

    The remains of the late Dr. Nathaniel C. Cowgill were shipped to North Manchester yesterday morning via Wabash railway. The funeral was held there today. 0, G. and Charles Cowglll, sons of the deceased, accompanied the remains.
    Dr. Cowgill has four sisters residing at North Manchester and two at Wabash. He was buried in the lot where the bodies of his first and second wives are interred. The sons will return tomorrow and continue to reside here.