Person:Nathaniel Clarke (3)

Nathaniel Clarke
b.ABT 1642
m. bef Jul 1631
  1. William Clarkeabt 1634 -
  2. James Clarkeabt 1636 - 1712
  3. John Clarkest 1640 -
  4. Susanna Clark1642 - 1697
  5. Nathaniel ClarkeABT 1642 - 1717
  6. Andrew Clarkeabt 1644 - 1706
  7. Sarah Clark1649 -
m. bef. 4 Jun 1686
Facts and Events
Name Nathaniel Clarke
Gender Male
Birth[1] ABT 1642
Marriage bef. 4 Jun 1686 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United Statesto Dorothy Lettice
Death? 31 Jan 1717 Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States

Excerpts from Source:Davis, William T. History of the Town of Plymouth, p. 58-59: Nathaniel Clark, son of Thomas, was an attorney, married Dorothy, the widow of Edward Gray, who divorced him (PCR 6:190-2), and he left no children. He was secretary of Plymouth Colony when Sir Edmund Andros was appointed Governor under James II. Although the office of secretary was vacated, Nathaniel "fastened himself to the royal Governor, and became one of this most subservient instruments and tools". Andros declared that any title to property required his confirmation, and through this mechanism, apparently, Nathaniel Clarke was awarded title to Clark's Island about 1688. [The island was named after John Clarke, mate of the Mayflower, who may have been Nathaniel's grandfather.] The town of Plymouth, which had been granted this island about 1639, collected subscriptions to challenge this usurpation. In 1689 the Prince of Orange landed in England to assume the throne, and Andros and Clarke were arrested and sent to England. "Whereas, we have not only just grounds to suspect, but are well assured that Nathaniel Clark hath been a real enemy to the peace and prosperity of the people, and hath, by lying and false information to the late Governor, caused much trouble and damage to this place, endeavored to deprive us of our lands, ... we do therefore seize upon his person, resolving to secure him for the hands of justice to deal with him according to his desert." In England, he was discharged, returned to Plymouth, where he lived and practiced law until his death in 1717.

  1. Anderson, Robert Charles. The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-1633. (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1995), Thomas Clarke entry.

    Children... v NATHANIEL, b. say 1642; m. between July 1684 (when she entered an account of the estate of her deceased husband Edward Gray [PCR 6:149-50]) and 4 June 1686 (when she sued Nathaniel Clark for divorce [PCR 6:190-92]) Dorothy (Lettice) Gray, daughter of Thomas Lettice and widow of Edward Gray.