Person:Nathan Fay (2)

m. 26 Feb 1739/40
  1. Hephzibah Fay1740 -
  2. Sarah FayAbt 1742 - 1760
  3. Israel Fay1744/45 -
  4. Edward Fay1747 -
  5. Joanna Fay1749 -
  6. Eunice Fay1751 -
  7. Martha Fay1753 -
  8. Parker Fay1755 -
  9. Nathan Fay1757 - 1824
  10. Abijah FayAbt 1759 -
  11. David Fay1762 - 1826
  12. Solomon Fay1764 - 1826
m. 3 Jul 1782
  1. Edward Fay1783 -
  2. Patty Fay1785 -
  3. Betsey Fay1787 -
  4. Polly Fay1789 -
  5. Eunice Fay1791 -
  6. Perrin Fay1793 - 1793
  7. Nathan Fay1795 -
  8. Millicent Fay1797 -
  9. Joanna Fay1800 - 1881
Facts and Events
Name Nathan Fay
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1757 Southborough, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage 3 Jul 1782 Cummington, Hampshire, Massachusetts, United Statesto Mary Perrin
Death[1] 3 Mar 1824 Jericho, Chittenden, Vermont, United States
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  1. 1.0 1.1 It seems likely this is a mish-mash of unsourced information from two, or possibly three, different Nathan Fays, and it is not clear if any of it applies.

    Whether this Nathan goes with these parents is one question. His birth is shown 1757 in Southborough, while the parents were living in Stafford, CT, at the time, and actually it seems likely their son Abijah was born around 1757 conflicting with the indicated birth. Unfortunately Abijah's birth record has no year, but it is on a page of the records where the other births listed occur in 1757 and 1758. Some energetic family researcher has posted queries in several magazines suggesting Nathan's birthdate is 10 Dec 1755 (of course, stating it as known, but giving no evidence), but the recorded birth on that date lists a given name of Parker. It is possible that such a birth date, if assumed to be Nathan, might allow him, barely, to be under 45 in the 1800 census. No further records of a Parker Fay have been found, but the father's probate would probably be useful here.

    The basis for the birthdate given is unknown, appearing to possibly be based on age of death, but as no death record can be found, no confidence is possible. There were Fay families in Southborough, and while the Soutborough Vital Records show no Nathan of an appropriate age, it could possibly be valid if the parents were different. The one thing that seems discoverable is that Nathan was under 45 in 1800, so born no earlier than 1756 and based on his marriage in 1782, probably no later than about 1761. His marriage record called him "of Cummington".

    Another question is the death date, as noted. There is a Nathan Fay who had a wife Mary who lived in Richmond, VT, in 1800. This is a different Nathan Fay, as this Nathan Fay and wife Mary still lived in Massachusetts in 1800. Without a death source, it cannot be clear that the death date given here does not belong to the other Nathan Fay.