Person:Nathan Boone (1)

m. 14 Aug 1756
  1. James Boone1757 - 1773
  2. Israel Boone1759 - 1782
  3. Susannah Boone1760 - 1800
  4. Jemima Boone1762 - 1834
  5. John B. Boone1764 - 1779
  6. Levinia Boone1766 - 1802
  7. Rebecca Boone1768 - 1805
  8. Daniel Morgan Boone1769 - 1839
  9. Jesse Bryan Boone1773 - 1820
  10. William Bryan Boone1775 - 1775
  11. Lt. Col. Nathan Boone1781 - 1856
m. 26 Sep 1799
  1. James Boone1800 -
  2. Delinda Boone1802 -
  3. Jemima Boone1804 -
  4. Susannah Boone1806 - Bet 1840 & 1843
  5. Nancy Boone1808 -
  6. Emilia Boone1810 -
  7. Melba Boone1810 -
  8. Olive Boone1812 -
  9. Benjamin Howard Boone1814 -
  10. John Coburn Boone1816 -
  11. Levica Boone1818 -
  12. Melcina Boone1820 -
  13. Mary Boone1822 -
  14. Sarah Boone1824 -
Facts and Events
Name Lt. Col. Nathan Boone
Gender Male
Birth? 3 Feb 1781 Rowan, North Carolina, United Statespos Cross Plains
Marriage 26 Sep 1799 Little Sandy,,KY,USAto Olive Van Bibber
Residence[1] Abt 1800 Missouricame to Missouri
Other[2] 1820 St. Charles, Missouri, United Statesfather Daniel Boone died at Nathan Boone's home on the Femme Osage River
Death[1] 16 Oct 1856 Green Grove, Adair, Missouri, United Statesage 75 -
Burial? Green Grove, Adair, Missouri, United StatesAshgrove Family Cemetery

Research Notes

  • He lived in Scioto Co. Ohio in the late 1700 s according to HISTORY OF LOWER SCOTIO VALLEY
  • Source Needed - A man by the name of Silas Wooten struck Jesse Boone, his brother, with a club opening a large bleeding cut. Nathan sprang at Wooten and Wooten ran being hit almost every jump until he was well beaten.
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    Nathan Boone, the youngest child of Daniel Boone, came to Missouri in 1800. He married Olive Vanbibber, a sister of Jesse Boone's wife, and they had thirteen children, viz : James, Howard, John, Delinda, Malinda, Mary, Susan, Nancy, Jemima, Lavinia, Olive, Melcina, and Mahaley.

    Nathan Boone was also a surveyor, and made a number of government surveys. At the commencement of the Indian war of 1812-1815 he raised a company of rangers, and received his commission as Captain from President Madison in March, 1812. In August, 1833, he was commissioned Captain of dragoons by President Jackson, and during President Polk's administration he was promoted to Major of dragoons. In 1850 he was again promoted, and received his commission as Lieutenant-Colonel of dragoons from President Fillmore. He died October 16, 1856, in his 76th year; and his wife died November 12, 1858, in her 75th year.

    Nathan and Jesse Boone were tall, square-shouldered, powerfully built men, with light hair and blue eyes, like their father.

    Lt. Col. Nathan Boone
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