Person:Nancy Hanks (8)

  1. Nancy Hanks1784 - 1818
  2. Sarah Hanksabt 1787 -
m. 12 Jun 1806
  1. Sarah Lincoln1807 - 1828
  2. President Abraham Lincoln1809 - 1865
  3. Thomas Lincoln1812 - 1812
  • WNancy Hanks1784 - 1818
  1. Dennis Hanks1799 - 1892
Facts and Events
Name[1][8] Nancy Hanks
Alt Name[8] Nancy Sparrow
Married Name Lincoln
Gender Female
Birth[1][8] 5 Feb 1784 Hampshire County, Virginia (now Mineral County, West Virginia)born out of wedlock to Lucy Hanks
Residence[8] Mar 1784 Nelson, Kentucky, United Statesmoved to Kentucky with grandparents Joseph and Nancy Hanks
Residence? 1793 Harrodsburg, Mercer, Kentucky, United Statesage 9 - after the death of her grandfather, Nancy moved in with mother Lucy and her husband Henry Sparrow and became known as "Nancy Sparrow"
Reference Number? Q3335588?
Other[8] 1799 Nelson, Kentucky, United Statesage 15 - gave birth to son Dennis Hanks out of wedlock but did not raise him ; son Dennis lived in the household of Nancy's sister Elizabeth (Hanks) Sparrow and her husband Thomas Sparrow until their death
Marriage 12 Jun 1806 Washington, Kentucky, United Statesto Thomas Lincoln
Death[8] 5 Oct 1818 Spencer, Indiana, United Statesage 38 - died of milk sickness at Little Pigeon Creek
Burial[7] Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial, Lincoln City, Spencer County, Indiana, USA
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    ... There is long standing controversy regarding Nancy (Hanks) Lincoln's heritage. Nancy was the wife of Thomas Lincoln and mother of the 16th president Abraham Lincoln. ...

    ... A recent mitochondrial DNA test of descendants of daughters of Joseph Hanks, daughters of Lucy Hanks Sparrow, and two Shipley sisters show a match between Hanks and Sparrow and no match to the Shipleys, making it certain Nancy Hanks is the illegitimate daughter of Lucy Hanks, and that Lucy is the daughter of Ann "Nanny" Lee Hanks. ...