Person:Moses Pillsbury (2)

m. 29 Jul 1641
  1. Deborah Pillsbury1642 - 1692
  2. Job Pillsbury1643 - 1716
  3. Moses PillsburyAbt 1645 - Bef 1701
  4. Abel PillsburyAbt 1650 - Bef 1697
  5. Caleb Pillsbury1652/53 - 1680
  6. William Pillsbury1656 - 1734
  7. Experience Pillsbury1658 - 1708
  8. Increase Pillsbury1660 - 1690
  9. Thankful Pillsbury1662 - 1686
  10. Joshua Pillsbury1671 - 1674
  • HMoses PillsburyAbt 1645 - Bef 1701
  • WSusanna WorthAbt 1649 - Aft 1686
m. Mar 1668/69
  1. Joseph Pillsbury1670 - 1750/51
  2. Moses Pillsbury1672 - 1737/38
  3. Dorothy Pillsbury1675 - 1755
  4. Susannah Pillsbury1676/77 - 1767
  5. Judith Pillsbury1678/79 - Aft 1710
  6. Caleb Pillsbury1681 - Abt 1751
  7. Amos PillsburyAbt 1683 - 1761
  8. Hannah Pillsbury1686 - 1774
m. Bet 1686 and 1701
  1. Mary PillsburyAbt 1693 - 1756
Facts and Events
Name Moses Pillsbury
Gender Male
Birth[2] Abt 1645 Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage Mar 1668/69 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United Statesto Susanna Worth
Marriage Bet 1686 and 1701 to Priscilla Unknown
Will[2] 29 Apr 1701
Death[2] Bef 3 Nov 1701 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Probate[2] 3 Nov 1701


"I Moses Pillsbery of the towne of Newbury...weak of body...doe make this my Last will & testament...and for my worldly Goods Doe Dispose as followeth: It. I doe Give to my Beloved Wife pricilla I give and Bequeath the one third part of all my Estate Reall & parsonall: Imprimis I Doe Give & Bequeath to my Son Caleb pillsberry making him my heyer and sole executor all my housing & Lands and Meadows Both in Newbury and sailbury With all my priveledges in all Common & undivided Lands as also all my personal Estate goods & Chattels as if it had him in particular named, my sd son Caleb paying such Legacess as is heare after ordered & appointed It. I doe give to my son Joseph Pillsbury five shillings and also confirme to him all that land which I have formerly given him for his portion, also I doe give and bequeath to my son Moses pillsbery all my Rake Lott in Newbury. Besides what I have all Readdy Given him for his portion also I doe Give 7 Bequeath to my Son Amos pillsbury twenty pounds in money at ye age of one and twenty years; also I Doe Give & Bequeath to my Daughter Dorathy pillsbery ten pounds in money to be paid Within one Yeare after my Decease; also I doe Give and Bequeath to my daughter susanna Hovee five shillings in money to be paid Within five years after my Decease also I doe Give and bequeath to my Daughter Judith pillsbery ten pounds in money to be paid within two years after my Decease also I Doe Give & Bequeath to my Daughter Hannah pillsbery ten pounds in money to be paid within four years after my Decease also I doe Give to my Daughter Mary pillsbery ten pounds in money to be paid Within Six years after my Decease: the reason Why I gave my Daughter Hovee no more is because that I have Given her her portion Before My Will is that My Son Caleb Who is my Heyer and Executor Shall paee all my Debts and also Receive all my Debts also my Will is that my Said Son Caleb shall pay all ye Legacess in this my will given also shall my wife shall Enjoy one third part of my real Estate But for her lifetime & no longer."

[Signed] "Moses pillsberry"

Wit: Benjamin Morse, William Pillsbery, Experience Pillsbery.

The will was proved Nov. 3 1701, by Caleb Pillsbury who filed an inventory amounting to 1240, 18s. (Essex Co.,Probate,21974.)[2]

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    Moses Pillsbury, s/o William Pillsbury, b. Dorchester 1645, d. Newbury between 29 Apr and 3 Nov 1701, m. (1) Newbury Mar 1668 Susanna Worth, d/o Lionel Worth and Susannah Whipple, m. (2) Priscilla ---.