Person:Moses Driskill (1)

Moses Driskill, Sr
b.Sept 17, 1689 Somerset Co., MD
d.Aug 1755 Somerset Co., MD
m. ca 1686-1691
  1. Hannah Holder
  2. Richard Driskell - aft 1749
  3. Dennis Driskill, Jr - aft 1740
  4. James Driskill
  5. Moses Driskill, Sr1689 - 1755
  6. William Driskill1690/91 - bef 1721
m. Feb 4, 1712/1713
  1. Rachel Toadvine1717 -
  2. William Driskill, Sr.1719 - aft 1790
  3. Ann Brice1720 -
  4. Mary Driskell1723 -
  5. Comfort Hill1726 -
  6. Moses Driskill , Jr1729 - aft 1787
  7. Elgate Driskill, Sr.1736 - 1794
Facts and Events
Name Moses Driskill, Sr
Gender Male
Birth? Sept 17, 1689 Somerset Co., MDStepney Parish records
Marriage Feb 4, 1712/1713 Somerset Co., MDStepney Parish records
to Katherine Elgate
Death? Aug 1755 Somerset Co., MDwill date

--GaleB 04:46, 20 January 2008 (EST)Moses appears on the Somerset Co., tax lists for the years 1723 through 1739. Sometimes he is recorded as Driskill and sometimes Duskey/Duskie/Duskell. These spellings begin in 1723 and follow the Maryland Driskells through the mid 1800's...through various states as well. This may have to do with dialect/pronunciation in the Lower Del-Mar-VA area.

Moses Duskie(with Oliver Griffen in his house), Richard Duskie and Denis Duskie appeared on the 1730 Somerset Co. tax list in Wicomico 100. Moses DUSKELL appeared on the 1731 tax list and Oliver Griffen was listed in his house. Moses DUSKELL and James Caine were listed together on the 1733 tax list. Moses DUSKEY appeared on the 1735 tax list and lived next to Dennis DUSKEY (with John Talbort in his house). In the 1736 and 1737 tax lists Moses Driskill had William Driskill(his son) listed in his household and living near them was Denniss Driskill. In 1738 Moses Driskill and William Driskill(his son) were listed together, but Dennis Driskill was not listed. In 1739 Moses Driskill was listed alone and Dennis Driskill lived nearby. [Source:J. Elliot Russo]

In 1732 Moses bought "Kinsail" from his brother Richard (see Richard for deed).

Moses married Katherine Elgate, she was the daughter of William Elgate and Katherine. William Elgate died in 1738, leaving a will and probate. Katherine inherited a share of her father's estate including land called "Munsley/Mandersley" and "Averys Policy". She also received a share in "What you please", "Deer Lott", "Supply" and "Blackwater"...Somerset Co. deed Bk B, pg. 17-18. '

In Somerset County deed BK MF, pgs 5-6 On the same day, Oct 30, 1838, Moses first deeds to John Ruark (see dau Mary Ruark) 50 acres of land called "Cow Harbour" and next to Samuel Davis. The deed to Samuel Davis is for 100 acres of "Goulden Quarter" and says Moses sold it to him for 60 pounds. The interesting part of this deed is Moses is called Duskey and Duskie but signs himself Driskell. Even in the acknowledgement, Moses Duskie appeared in person but it is signed Moses Driskell. Catherine, wife of Moses, gives her consent to both deeds.

Moses Driskell died in 1755, Worcester Co. Will Bk JW-2, pg 154, his will follows:

To my daughter Rachel Toadvine five shillings

To my son William Driskell 5 shilling

To my Daughter Mary Ruark five shillings

To my Daughter Comfort Hill five shillings To my Grand Daughter Sarah Brice five shillings

I give and bequeath to my son Moses Driskell my Dwelling Plantation and two Hundred and twenty five acres of land at the north west end of my parcel of land called King Sale with all the (rights?) and appertances thereto belonging after the death or marriage of his Mother to him and his heirs for ever.

Item I also give and bequeath to my son Moses Driskell one feather bed bedstead and furniture which is already delivered

Item I give and bequeath to my son Elgate Driskell one Hundred and twenty five acres of land of the aforesd tract of land being the remaining part of the same with all privileges benefits and appertances after the Death or Marriage of his Mother to him and his heirs for ever.

Item I give to my son Elgat Driskell one feather bed bedstead and furniture which is already delivered

Lastly to my well beloved wife Katherine Driskell my land aforesd with plantation houses and all benefits there to belonging during her natural life or widowhood and also all my movable estate that is not disposed of requiring that she pay all my just debts and have the sole management of all my affairs. Moses Driskell (Seal)

Sealed and Acknowledged in the Presence of James (his x mark) Cathell Sen Jonathan (his mark) Cathell James Cathell Junr

November 5, 1755 Came James Cathell Jonathan Cathell James Cathell Junr the subscribing witnesses to the foregoing will and made Oath on the Holy Avangels of Almighty God that they saw the Testator Moses Driskell sign, seal and heard him Publish Pronounce and Declare the same to be his last Will and Testament and that at the time of his so doing he was to the best of their apprehension of a Sound Disposing Mind and Memory and that they Subscribed their names as witnesses to the said Will in the Presence of the Testator and at his request. Sworn beforn Benton Harris Deputy Commissioner of Worcester County

  1.   Katherine sold personal property to son William in 1758(see William Sr). This is the last known mention of her in the records.