Person:Minnie Rush (2)

Minnie Mae Rush
m. 16 Sep 1883
  1. Loretta Jane Rush1886 - 1940
  2. John Lewis Rush1888 - 1969
  3. Minnie Mae Rush1892 - 1975
  4. William Everett Rush1894 - 1967
  5. Robert Lee Rush1896 - 1931
  6. Mary Frances Rush1898 - 1969
m. c 1915
  1. John Arthur Treadaway1918 - 1988
  2. Nancy Melda Treadaway1921 - 2012
  3. James Frederick Treadaway1923 - 2010
  4. Frances Treadaway1931 - 2011
Facts and Events
Name Minnie Mae Rush
Gender Female
Birth[1] 31 Dec 1892 Alabama, United States
Census[1] 1900 DeKalb, Alabama, United States
Census[3] 1910 DeKalb, Alabama, United States
Marriage c 1915 Alabama, United Statesto James Arthur Treadaway
Census[4] 1920 DeKalb, Alabama, United States
Census[5] 1930 DeKalb, Alabama, United States
Census[7] 1940 DeKalb, Alabama, United States
Burial[6] 1975 Highway Church Cemetery, Lakeview, DeKalb, Alabama, United States
Death[6] 30 Aug 1975 Alabama, United States

Biography of Minnie Mae Rush Treadaway

Minnie taught school at Tenbroek school before she married. She went to normal school at Geraldine, AL; then took the teacher's exam which she passed. She taught school about two years before she married in 1916.

On May 5, 1946, Minnie wrote a letter to Maggie Adcock which detailed much of her family history and it has become an invaluable family document. A copy of the letter and family analysis by descendant Jim Williams can be found here:

Minnie Treadaway Letter

Image Gallery
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  2.   Minnie Treadaway Letter. (Family Letter), 5 May 1946.

    Minnie Rush Treadaway is the author of this valuable family resource

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