Person:Miles Stanley (26)

Miles Francis Stanley, I
m. Bet 13 Nov 1850 and 26 Nov 1850
  1. Miles Francis Stanley, I1851 - 1935
  2. Benjamin Franklin STANLEY, III1854 - 1942
  3. Alfred Washington Stanley1855 - 1943
  4. Julie P STANLEYEst 1859 - Aft 1860
  5. John E STANLEYEst 1861 - Aft 1880
  6. Lula J. Stanley1865 - 1915
  7. Brazora STANLEY1868 - 1902
  8. Lona Adelaide STANLEY1869 - 1919
m. 6 Dec 1871
  1. John Thomas Stanley1894 - 1955
Facts and Events
Name Miles Francis Stanley, I
Gender Male
Occupation[10][11] Bet 1800 and 1900 Hill, Texas, United States
Birth[1][2][3][4][5][6][7] 20 Jul 1851 Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States
Census[8] 17 Aug 1860 Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United StatesWestern Division, North River PO
Census[9] 28 Jun 1870 Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United StatesPrecinct 2, New Lexington PO
Occupation[9] Bet 1870 and 1900 Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United Statesfarmimg
Marriage 6 Dec 1871 Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United Statesto Trilla Maryland DAVIS
Census[12] 19 Jun 1880 Hill, Texas, United StatesJP 2
Census[10] 19 Jun 1880 Hill, Texas, United StatesPrecinct 3
Other[13] Abt 1895 Hill, Texas, United StatesCounty Commissioner, Precinct 4
Census[11] 6 Jun 1900 Hill, Texas, United StatesPrecinct No 2
Residence[14] 1909 Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto, Texas, United States1016 S Houston
Census[15] 16 May 1910 Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto, Texas, United StatesJustice Precinct 5
Census[17] 12 Jan 1920 Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto, Texas, United StatesJustice Precinct 5, 915 NW 4th Ave
Residence[16] 1920 Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto, Texas, United States915 NW 4th Avenue
Census[18] 12 Apr 1930 Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto, Texas, United States915 NW 4th Ave
Death[5] 15 Jul 1935 Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto, Texas, United States
Funeral[7] 17 Jul 1935 Grandview, Johnson, Texas, United StatesFirst Methodist Church
Burial[5][7] 17 Jul 1935 Grandview, Johnson, Texas, United StatesSection F, Grandview Cemetery
Religion[7] Abt 1935 Grandview, Johnson, Texas, United StatesFirst Methodist Church

moved to Grandview, TX in Jan, 1875 Trustee Hodges School Dist, Hill Co, TX moved to Mineral Wells, TX ca 1910

per Stanley and Kindred Families: I. Miles Francis Stanley b July 3 0 , 1851, Tuscaloosa Co., d July 15, 1935, m Trilla Maryland Da v i s b Sept. 20, 1355, d Dec. 5 , 1932. She was the dau of John Davis - and wife Marcell (Lunsford) both buried in Grandview Cemetery , Grandview, Tex . Miles Stanley removed to Itasca, Texas about 1875, later s e t l e d in Midland,' where he became a wealthy man. No children of his own, but a foster son,- John. The Mountain E a g l e , D e c . 26 ,- 1900: "The Eagle was honored Mon. w i t h a v i s i t from Mr Miles F. Stanley and bright little son, Johnnie, of H i l Co., Texas. Mr. Stanley was reared in this section of Ala. and went to Texas in 1875, where he has prospered as a farmer, his plantation now consisting of 1000 acres and his property is listed for taxes at $10,000 w i t h no adverse claims. He is county ~ s i o n e r of his adopted Co. His little son, Johnnie, is a prodigy for one of his-age, less than six years. He has often contributed to the D a l a s Texas News Letters From the Past Search These Letters where donated by Sara M. Bettencourt, Thank you Sara!! I have left the original wording and spelling intact, occasionally inserting "sic" to indicate to the reader that, that was, indeed, the original spelling. THE FAYETTE BANNER (Fayette, Fayette Co., AL) 30 May 1901, p. 1 [An interesting snapshot of Itasca and Hill Co., TX] TEXAS LETTER Itaska, Texas May 21 All well, health good; crops good, except small grain. We are having plenty of rain; in fact, too much. Cotton chopping is now in order with us; corn large enough to "lay by," and putting out potatoe slips is at hand. We have had 300 cases of small pox in this county - only 4 deaths out of that number, and but four new cases have been reported for the past few days. I am County Committeeman of precinct No. 4, and am in position to know something of the trouble and cost of trying to control this disease. This county has already paid out for doctor bills, $2,000; guard hire, about $700.00; grocer bills, $1,000; nurse hire, $300.00. We have learned much; for instance, one man and his wife had the disease, -- we hired a nurse, furnished them supplies and paid their bills until they were well again; then their children were stricken down, and the father and mother nursed them back to health and presented their bill (for nursing their own children) to County Commissioners to be paid. They had already received about $100.00 of the county funds, and seemed to be going upon the principle that "it's an ill wind that blows nobody good. "They are transient people, and not citizens of our county". Much is being said and written these days about good roads. In this county we are working the roads with county convicts; that is, where it will do the general public the most good. We use road graders - plow on each side of the road and then grade to the center, and work 8 miles to the grader. County bridges are built with convict labor also, and it is a much better [sic] than sending the convicts to the coal mines, as is done in Ala.; better for the convicts and better for the county. A movement is on foot to enact a law in this State granting all counties the right to use short time State convicts in building good roads, and without any cost to the counties using them. Well, I must tell you about our family reunion. Mother is here on a visit, and I sent to Earth county [probably Erath Co.] for aunt Pattie Freeman, widow of Rev. John Freeman; and to Narvon county [Navarro Co.?] for aunt Caroline Davis, wife of Buck Davis, who resided near Fayette, Ala., until last fall. These are two of my aunts who had not seen each other for 38 [? digits are indistinct] years, and I tell you it was a happy meeting. Aunt Tina Richards, my father's sister, and Mrs. Baker, mother of Rich and Frank Baker, were here; these were all girls together. Eight were seated at my table at one time, the youngest being 63 years old, the oldest 76, and the others past 70 years of age. Aunt Sis, mother's youngest sister, could not be with us; a letter from her husband brings the sad news that she is dangerously ill, with little hope of recovery. Uncle John Thomas, her husband, is Treasurer of Knox county. I have just learned that aunt Amelia Kirkland is in Coke county, Tex., and I wrote her today to come at once and we will have another reunion. Aunt Amelia and aunt Pattie have not seen each other since about 1845. Aunt Amelia is the widow of Hon. Hugh Kirkland, who at one time represented Fayette county in the General Assembly of Ala. I look for her in about a week. Mother will return to Alabama about the first of July, and Roof Stanley will go with her. Roof is an old bachelor, who claims to be nearly old enough to work the road. Mother and Roof will take a 4th of July dinner at Windham Springs, Ala. I would like to be there, too. Yours truly, Miles F. Stanley

1906 ran for election to seat Texas House of Representatives, District 72, Pos No 2 against J D Stephenson of Hillsboro, who later became Hill County Judge (22 Jul 1906, Dallas Morning News, Pg4), apparently did not win election

Hillsboro Evening Mirror Vol XXXX, No 91 Monday July 15, 1935 DEATH CALLS M F STANLEY Early Settler of Hill County and Commissioner from Precinct 4 for Six Years, Passes Away at Mineral Wells. FUNERAL SERVICES AT GRANDVIEW WEDNESDAY For Man Who Was Credited With Unusually Valuable Service to His County and Community News was received in this city of the death at his home in Mineral Wells Monday morning of Miles F Stanley, pioneer Hill county citizen and early Hill county commissioner. Funeral services will be held at the Methodist church in Grandview at 3 o'clock Wednesday afternoon and a large number of citizens are expected to attend. Born in Tuscaloosa county, Ala on July 21, 1851, he was therefore permitted to reach the ripe old age of 84 years, retaining all of his faculties and his interest in the everyday affairs. He was married Dec 14, 1871 to Miss Maryland Davis, and they moved to Texas and Hill county in January 1875, locating north of Itasca where he became a large land owner and one of the county's most progressive farmers and leading citizens, vitally interested in the schools and in better roads. No children were born to Mr and Mrs Stanley but they reared several. Mr Stanley was elected commissioner from precinct 4 and served for six years and the claim is made that he instituted a new era in road building , and though he had moved away when the first good roads bond issue was voted in the Itasca precinct he exerted his influence for the bond success.

Dallas Morning News Sec 1, Pg 2 Tuesday, July 16, 1935 Miles F Stanley Dies Special to The News Mineral Wells, Texas, July 15. -Miles F Stanley, 84, pioneer and extensive landowner in the Itasca vicinity, for six years County Commissioner of Hill County, died Monday following a paralytic stroke early in June. He was a native of Alabama but moved to Hill County, Texas in 1875. He had resided in Mineral Wells for twenty-three years. Survivors are a foster son, John T Stanley, Fort Worth; a sister, Mrs Lona Brown, Birmingham, and B F Stanley, Midland, and A W Stanley, Chattanooga, Tenn, brothers. Funeral services will be held at the residence Wednesday morning.

I came across your website, containing some Stanley genealogy. My husband's grandmother was Mattie Lee Stanley, dau of Wm Thomas Stanley from the Itasca area. Mattie Lee left some old clippings, photos, etc, and I am sorting through. Came across an obit for Miles F. Stanley: Itasca and Hill county citizens were saddened Monday when it was learned that Miles F. Stanley had passed away at his home in Mineral Wells earlier in the day. Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Methodist church in Grandview conducted by Rev. Riley of Mineral Wells, assisted by the pastor J.J. Creed. Interment was in the grandview Cemetery beside the body of his life-long companion who preceeded him in death only a few years ago. Mr Stanley was for many years a citizen of Hill county having moved to this section in 1875. He had large landed interests in the northern edge of Hill County and was regarded as one of the county's most successful farmers. With his wife he moved to Mineral Wells in 1906, making regular visits to Itasca and Grandview where he numbered his friends by scores. He served Precinct No 4 of this county for six years and established a record as a road builder in the days when the general public gave little attention to this matter. He always stood for good schools and all those things that meant advancement in moral, spiritual and material ways. Born in Tuscaloosa county, Alabama July 21, 18551, he was therefore 84 years of age at the time of his death. he had no children in his home but he and his good wife took in several orphan children and reared them to maturity, all of whom became worthy upright citizens. He was always loyal to his friends, honest and upright in all dealings and his visits to his friends here will be greatly missed." Thought you might find it interesting -- AR, Tyler, Tx 27 Feb 2008 email

witness at Maner murder trial, 1905

 Out of Town Visitors

    (News Article)     Date: 1911-08-02;     Paper: Cleburne Morning Review     Page 8

  Neighborhood News     Neighborhood News Burleson     (News Article)     Date: 1914-10-18;     Paper: Cleburne Morning Review     page 2

1 Mar 2011 Subject: RE: Miles F Stanley obit (from

Hi Ruth, I don't think I was the one to find the orbit for Miles F Stanley.. I imagine that it came from the Mineral Wells newspaper... I was impressed with him.. His mother Martha Jane Chappell was a sister to my Gr Gr Grandmother Alpha Ann Chappell ... Alpha married John Pendleton Thomas and they are both buried the Benjamin Cemetery in Knox Co., Texas... Miles F Stanley's children would be my only Stanley relatives... And, I would love any info on them.. I guess we are distant relatives.. I wish I could help you more.. LN Anson, Texas

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