Person:Michael Wilson (3)

Facts and Events
Name Michael Wilson
Gender Male
Birth[23] March 23, 1831 Fayette Township, Seneca County, New York
Marriage April 7, 1855 M.E. Church, Tecumseh, Michiganto Catherine Woerner
Death? July 4, 1903 Franklin Township, Lenawee County, MIchigan
Burial? Raisin Valley Cemetery, Adrian Township, Lenawee County, Michigan

Michael Wilson was born March 23, 1831 (S1) in Fayette Township, Seneca County (Note 1), New York (S2 through S7). When he was six years old in 1837 he moved with his family, paternal grandparents, two uncles, and an aunt to Pittsford Township, Hillsdale County, Michigan (S8). By 1845, his family has moved to Raisin Township, Lenawee County, MI. (S9). On June 9, 1849, Michael became a member of the Adrian Monthly Meeting of the Friends Church (S10) (later known as the Raisin Valley Friends Church). He is missing from his family listing in the 1850 U.S. Census (S11), so we believe he was probably working as a hired hand on some farm in the area since he was 19 years old.

Michael Wilson married Catherine Martha Woerner on April 7, 1855 in the Tecumseh M.E. Church (S1). On June 7, 1855, Michael was disowned from the Adrian Monthly Meeting of the Friends Church (S10), no reason given. Eventually, they ended up owning the 85 acres on the west side of North Adrian Highway where Russell Road tees in from the east (S12). In 1871, Michael purchased the NW partial quarter of the NW quarter of Section 6 of Raisin Township (containing 35 acres), and cattty-cornered across the road intersection.(S13).

Catherine Martha, his first wife died on December 19, 1891 (S1, S14 & S15), and was buried December 21, 1891 in the Raisin Valley Cemetery (S16), row 2 from westline and grave 8 from southline of the cemetery. This cemetery is immediately west of the Raisin Valley Friends Church on North Adrian Highway.

On December 29, 1893, Michael married Louisa Hoople (S17). In the 1894 Michigan State Census (S6), enumerated June 19, Michael’s widowed mother, Julia Ann, was living with them along with Michael’s divorced son, William. On October 16, 1894; an incident occurred in which Louisa and her mother-in-law argued over building of a fire in the kitchen stove. It ended with Louisa hitting Julia Ann, and then her son, Michael, horsewhipping her upstairs to her room (S18). William Wilson swore out the warrant for the arrest of his father and step-mother. Michael was convicted of assault and battery and served 60 days in the Detroit House of Corrections. On November 21, 1894, Michael “was dropped” from the membership of the Tecumseh Monthly Meeting of the Friends Church (S10), no reason give. [Note that this is shortly after his conviction.]

In April 1902, Louisa filed for divorce from Michael claiming cruelty (S19) [and we think moved into Tecumseh]. Although there are several legal procedures filed in the court’s records, none show that the divorce was ever granted. [However nowdays, the Quit Claim Deed (S20) is a usual part of a final divorce.]

Michael Wilson died July 4, 1903 of “dropsy, valvular disease of the heart” (S1, S21 & S22). He was buried July 6, 1903 in the Raisin Valley Cemetery (S16), row 2 from the westline and grave 9 from the southline of the cemetery, next to his first wife, Catherine Martha.

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  23. We have no proof that he was born in Fayette Township, Seneca County - only that he was born in New York. Since we have no records showing Richard Wilson in Seneca County, or for that matter that Julia Ann was there either. We assume that Julia Ann was living with her parents when she married Richard, and they continued to live with her parents after their marriage. Thus we also assume that Michael was born there.