MySource:Welltester/Wilson Family Bible

MySource Wilson Family Bible
Place Adrian, Michigan
Franklin Township, Michigan
Rollin Township, Michigan
Rome Township, Michigan
Tecumseh, Michigan
Year range 1826 - 1904
Surname Billington (Billinton In The Bible)
Karns (Carnes In The Bible)
Sales (Sayles In The Bible)
Woerner (Warner In The Bible)
Publication information
Type Bible Records
Wilson Family Bible.




Michael Wilson born 23 March 1831

Cathrine M. Warner born 23 Sept 1826

Juliann Wilson born 2 May 1856

Martin Warner Wilson born July 18th 1857

John George Wilson Born October 2nd 1858

Daniel S. Wilson Born Dec 4th 1859

Mary Wilson Born April 10th 1861

William Wilson Born Feb(?) 15th 1863

Dorothea Wilson geboren in(?) 27 June 1864

Christine Catherine Wilson geboren in(?) 20 June 1866

Elizabeth Emma(?) Jane(?) Wilson(?) geboren 16 May 1868(?) (This entry very difficult to read)



Martin W. Wilson November 19, 1881, at 10;30 P.M.

Julia Ann Burger December 24th, 1886.

Elizabeth Emma Jane Merx Nov 19, 1891.

Catherine M. Wilson December 19, 1891.

Mary Heath October 16, 1901

Michael Wilson July 4, 1903, at 2, P.M.



on the 7 day of Apl 1855 by Rev W S Judd M E Church Michael Wilson To Catherine M. Warner.

On the 23 May 1880 by Rev. J. Kirkpatrick M.E. Church, Miss Mary Wilson to Truman H. Heath.

In Adrian March 21, 1882 By Rev. J. S. Holmes, Mr. Chas. A. Burger and Miss J. Anna Wilson. At the residence of Dr. M. R. Morden.

In Rome, May 27 1883 By Rev. W. C. Cochrane, Mr. John H. Sayles of Rollin, and Miss Christie C. Wilson of Franklin.

Daniel S. Wilson of Franklin and Miss Emma Jane Billinton of Franklin Married the 7 of nov(?) 1883 at the Brides Parents.

In Rome Dec 24, 1883 By Rev. F. C. Cochron Mr. Ed Carnes of Pencilvania and Miss Dolie C(?) Wilson of Franklin.


This is a Bible in which the data sheets were started and mostly kept by Catherine Martha (Woerner) Wilson. Under “BIRTHS” the word “geboren” is sometimes used as she listed the births of her children. “Geboren” is the German word for “born” according to my daughter. Martha was born in Germany and immigrated with her mother and siblings in 1854. The Bible has a publish date of 1847, however, we believe she did not start keeping it until after her marriage to Michael Wilson, April 7, 1855. After Martha died in 1891, there are a couple of additional entries made in a different hand.

I first became aware of the Bible in 1977 when my dad gave me three poor quality photocopied pages which he had recently gotten from R.B. Wilson, Jr., my cousin and the second child of my Uncle Bob, R. B. Wilson, Sr. The Bible is currently in the possession of a living Wilson in Nebraska, my cousin once removed and Uncle Bob’s youngest grandchild. Having viewed the Bible in 2000, I was able to copy the record pages on a modern machine which greatly enhanced the readability of most of the pages, still a few entries are of very poor quality.