Person:Michael Schlemmer (1)

b.23 May 1818 Calrlsburg, Bavaria
  1. Michael SCHLEMMER1818 - 1898
m. 6 Aug 1842
  1. John SCHLEMMER1841 - 1906
  2. Michael Schlemmer1843 -
  3. Elizabetha SCHLEMMER1846 -
  4. Katherina SCHLEMMER1848 - 1865
  5. Michael SCHLEMMER1850 - 1883
  6. Philip Schlemmer1854 - 1912
  7. Adam Schlemmer1857 - 1932
Facts and Events
Name[3] Michael SCHLEMMER
Gender Male
Birth? 23 May 1818 Calrlsburg, Bavaria
Alt Birth[3] 23 May 1818 Halbach
Marriage 6 Aug 1842 Baherbaugh, Bavaria, Germanyto Katherine Elizabeth Hipskind
Reference Number Katherine Elizabeth Hipskind
Immigration[2][6] 1852 Wabash County, IndianaImmigrated alone
Census[5] 1880 Wabash, Wabash, Indiana, United StatesMichael age 62
Death? 25 Mar 1898 Wabash, Wabash County, IN
Reference Number? 1354

or possibly Obermuschel DOD could be 22 Mar 1898


MICHAEL was one of the founders of St. Matthew's Church in Wabash, Indiana. Other founders were: Henry Geibel, Jacob Hiledbrand, Peter Mattern, Adam, John, and Peter Hipskind. All related by blood or marriage, and all have pages in "WeRelate".

Residence: Elm Street, Wabash, Indiana (1880). Note that Elm Street is one block south of Walnut Street, where the St. Matthew's Church was located.

From Jim Geibel, watcher "White Creek" was informed that Michael's birth was in "Halbach, Obermoshal" (where ever that is!). Probably in the Palatinate? As was the case of most (if not all) of the early German Reformed pioneers to Wabash County, the Schlemmers probably lived in the part of the Palatinate, which was ruled by the Kingdom of Bavaria, beginning in 1837. A similar large part of the Palatine was ruled by the Kingdom of Prussia. There were smaller parts which were ruled by others. Therefore, the homeland of the Schlemmers (as well as many other Palatine pioneers) was not really in "Bavaria" at all!

--White Creek 17:18, 23 August 2012 (EDT)

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  5. Michael was a laborer in the 1880 census. He lived on Elm Street, in Wabash, Indiana. This census gives his birth as: "BYRON" according to Apparently this is a corruption of the German word "BAYERN", which means "Bavaria". The Schlemmers (and others) really were not from Bavaria (as noted elsewhere).
  6. WeRelate Watcher "Carolgreene" shows Michael as migrating alone in 1852, which is what the HISTORY OF WABASH COUNTY (1914) also shows. The book goes on to say that he sent for the rest of his family in 1854. It was in this same time period (1852-1854) that most of the HENRY GEIBEL family migrated from the same Rheinpfalz area. Perhaps they migrated together? Or with other German Reformed emigrants who were leaving then?