Person:Mayme Clark (1)

Mayme Elizabeth Clark
m. 25 Jan 1883
  1. Franklin David Clark1883 - 1970
  2. Albert Carlos Clark1885 - 1918
  3. David Edward Clark1887 - 1887
  4. Louis Charles Clark1890 - 1943
  5. Eva Maria Clark1894 - 1980
  6. Oliver Clyde Clark1899 - 1965
  7. Mayme Elizabeth Clark1904 - 1988
m. 28 Oct 1921
m. 27 Mar 1928
  1. Marilyn Myrup1935 - 1968
Facts and Events
Name Mayme Elizabeth Clark
Gender Female
Birth[1] 19 Oct 1904 Provo, Utah, Utah, United StatesBorn in Covenant
Baptism[2] 2 Apr 1913 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Marriage 28 Oct 1921 to Jack V. Broadhurst
Divorce ? from Jack V. Broadhurst
Marriage 27 Mar 1928 Evanston, Uinta, Wyoming, United Statesto Leon John Myrup
Other[3] 5 Mar 1947 Endowment, LDS church
Alt Marriage 5 Mar 1947 LDS temple sealing
to Leon John Myrup
Death? 5 Feb 1988 Orem, Utah, Utah, United States
Burial? 8 Feb 1988 Provo, Utah, Utah, United States

Mamie Elizabeth Clark Myrup

Jan. 14, 1958

I was born in Provo, Utah on Oct. 19, 1904 to Franklin Clark and Mary Elizabeth Nelsen. We lived in the Provo Fifth Ward until I was about one yr. Old. My father there bought a home at 756 W. 3rd So. In Provo Second Ward. There were seven children born to my parents. A baby boy named Edward died shortly after birth. The other brothers and sister were Franklin David, Albert Carlos, Louis Charles, Eva Marie, Oliver Clyde and myself.

I received my education at the Franklin elementary school located at 6 west and 3rd So. Sts. The central High School, which later became the Provo High School, located on 3rd West between Center St. And 1st So. The Centra School was on 4th West. They have both been torn down. I also attended B.Y. High School and one yr. At West High in Salt Lake City. I lived with my brother Frank while there.

My three older brothers were married before I remember much about them, but they and their families added much to my life in happiness as I grew up. They visited often, bringing their families and usually staying a few days each time. I can remember Christmas and Thanksgiving days which we shared. When there was more than one family we children gleefully made beds on the floor and had the most happy times laughing and playing until very late in the night.

I grew up in the home with Eva and Clyde. It was a happy and peaceful time. Although we weren’t wealthy we always had what we needed, if not what we wanted. At that time one could keep cows, pigs, and chickens in the city limits. Besides these we always had a garden and there were fruit trees on the place. I can remember the strawberry patch with gooseberry and currant bushes along the edge. So we fared well, and I am sure that this is where I received my love for growing plants. One of the things I like to do is raise a garden and to have flowers to work with.

I had a very special girl friend, Edna Hoover, who lived in the house west of us. We grew up together, sleeping and eating together whenever we could, and sharing and doing almost everything together.

I married Leon John Myrup 27 March 1928. We have had 4 children, Richard Clark, Donald Lee, Jerrold Jay, and Marilyn.

We lived at Bountiful Ranch for a few months after we married, then moved to East Boulder Ranch, Southern Utah. Lived there about 6 yrs. Moved to the Hill Creek Ranch in Eastern Utah for awhile. Moved to Salt Lake City for the birth of our daughter. When she was 6 weeks old we moved to Provo, Utah. WE lied here for 23 yrs. We moved to Lander, Wyo. In 1962 when the U.S. Steel Ironton Plant closed down. We bought a home at 385 Del ST. Lander, Wyo. Lived here 8 yrs. We enjoyed this home very much. WE sold this house in 1969 and moved to a house at 940 N 2nd St. Lander. We’ll live here until Leon retires on Fe. 1st 1971 when we hope to move back to Utah.

  • Born Oct 19, 1904
  • Baptized 20, April 1913 by John Khuni
  • Confirmed 20 April 1913 by Paul Millet
Image Gallery
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  4.   Name sometimes spelled Mamie.