Person:Mary Tulloch (85)

Mary Tulloch
b.abt 1824
  1. Mary Tullochabt 1824 - 1905
  2. William Tulloch1825 -
  3. Jessie Tullochabt 1828 - 1899
  4. John Tulloch1830 -
  5. Ann Tulloch1833 - 1889
  • HRobert Cuttabt 1813 -
  • WMary Tullochabt 1824 - 1905
m. 15 Feb 1849
  1. Mary Cuttabt 1854 - 1927
Facts and Events
Name Mary Tulloch
Gender Female
Birth? abt 1824
Marriage 15 Feb 1849 North Ronaldshay, Orkney, Scotlandof Disher and Senness
to Robert Cutt
Death? 13 Jun 1905 Senness, North Ronaldshay, Orkney, Scotland

Mary Tulloch moved to her husband Robert Cutt's croft in Disher and lived with his brother, Jamie Cutt. It's said that the wife of the landlord's Baillie, Charles Thomson of Howar, wanted to evict the Cutts from Disher so that they could expand the farm at Howar. She therefore introduced a new rule that said "two brothers could not live at one house" and "warned them out" of their house. Robert and Mary Cutt moved back to Senness, whilst Jamie and his wife were told to build a new house from half of the land at Stennabreck.[1][2].

Jamie's wife went to Howar and "prayed afore their face, aun teuk aff her rivlins aun stockings aun crept on her livs aun knees aun cursed them at their ain hearth-stane. Aun as sheu prayed sae gaed they oot o' Howar. Aul Charlie's coffin's no paid for yet! Young Charlie was clever but weekid, aun Howar gaed tae nauthin - gaed tae nauthin - gaed tae nauthin! Young Charlie said there was nae gaed to be made oot o' Howar, for the land was cursed"

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