Person:Mary Moore (83)

  1. Sarah FarmerAbt 1669 - 1725
  2. John Farmer1671 - 1736
  3. Edward Farmer1673/74 - 1752
  4. Mary Farmer1675 -
  5. Barbary Farmer1676/77 - 1680/81
  6. Elizabeth Farmer1680 - 1761
  7. Thomas Farmer1683 - Est 1767
  8. Oliver Farmer1685/86 - 1761
Facts and Events
Name[5] Mary Moore
Gender Female
Christening[5] 12 May 1640 Coventry Holy Trinity, Warwickshire, England
Marriage License 11 Apr 1668 Coventry, Warwickshire, Englandto Edward Farmer
Death[1][2][4] 26 Mar 1719 Tewksbury, Middlesex County, Massachusettsage 77

The following is taken from The New England Historical and Genealogical Register:
"The house of Edward Farmer was fortified as a garrison for a number of years. While occupied as such, the following incident occurred, which has been handed down by tradition in the family. During the Ten Years' Indian War, and probably about the year 1692, when the first depredations were committed in the town of Billerica, the Indians meditated an attack on this garrison. For some days they had been lurking in the neighborhood of it without being discovered. Early in th forenoon of a summer's day, the wife and daughter of Edward Farmer went into the field to gather peas or beans for dinner, being attended by several of her sons, who were young lads, as a guard to protect them. They had been out but a short time before Mrs. Farmer discovered that a number of Indians were concealed behind the fences, and so near that she could almost reach them. Had she given any alarm, they would probably have rushed from their lurking-places, seized the party and fled; although their object was to get possession of the garrison, which offered more plunder and a greater number of captives. but with admirable presence of mind, and without making known the discovery she had made, to her sons, who might, with more temerity than prudence, have attacked the Indians, she said, in a loud tone of voice, "Boys, guard us well to the garrison, and then you may come back and hunt Indians."

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