Person:Mary McClung (11)

Mary McClung
b.26 March 1772 Virginia
d.4 August 1840
m. bef. 1771
  1. Mary McClung1772 - 1840
  2. Jane "Janny" McClung1774 - bef 1804
  3. Elizabeth McClungabt 1775 -
  4. Nancy McClungabt 1777 -
  5. William McClung, "Long Billie"1777 - 1866
  6. Katherine McClung1788 -
m. 21 Jun 1797
Facts and Events
Name Mary McClung
Gender Female
Birth? 26 March 1772 Virginia
Marriage 21 Jun 1797 Greenbrier County, Virginiato Adrian Anglin
Death? 4 August 1840

Records in Rockbridge County, VA

1800 - [Wm. Moore v. McClung's Heirs (John McClung)]: The answer of Mary McClung Daughter of James Mcclung Dec'd. and now Wife of Adran Anglan to the Bill of complaint exhibited in the Court of Rockbridge County by Joseph McClung against here and others. This Respondent saying to herself all first and proper exceptions to the Complaintents Bill for Answer thereto or to so much as the advised it is material for her to answer that she knows nothing foarticular of her own knowledge of the purchases and Sales of the Lands in the Bill mentioned but had heared that they did take place as Herein Stated - however she prays that the Complaintent may be compelled to make proof of Hereof and in doing so your Respondent can have nothing to say Against his Claim your respondent there pray to be discharged.
Harrison County.