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b.abt 1613 England
  • HThomas Canneyabt 1610 - aft 1681
  • WUnknownabt 1613 - Bef 1653
m. bet 1629 and 1658
  1. Unknown Canneyest 1635 -
  2. Mary Canneyest 1637 - 1706
  3. Thomas Canney, Jr.1639 - 1677
  4. Hannah Canneyabt 1641 - aft 1720
  5. Joseph Canney1643 - bef 1690
Facts and Events
Name Unknown
Gender Female
Birth? abt 1613 England
Marriage bet 1629 and 1658 Dover Neck, Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire, United Statesto Thomas Canney
Alt Death? BET 1645 AND 1707
Death? Bef 1653 Dover Neck, Strafford, New Hampshire

If there was a Mary Loame or Mary Canney who died in 1703, she was not the wife of Thomas. Thomas was married to second wife Jane by 1652, when she appears in court for beating him. In 1655, Jane was charged with beating Thomas's daughter Mary and her husband.[1] The identity of his first wife is avoided in GDMNH, NEHGR, Torrey and other sources.[2][3] So what then is the origin of the name Mary Loame as the wife of Thomas Canney besides (TM) family data collections? The name is a conflation with Thomas Canney's daughter Mary who married 1st Jeremiah Tibbetts and 2nd to Nathaniel Loome or Loomis according to NEHGR 98:62 and died in 1706 as Mary Loame when Mary's son Jeremiah was administrator to his father's estate (note GDMNH under Tibbetts says she married 2d to John Loome). Once again (TM) families data collections are the source of spurious pedigrees all over the Internet. The name of Thomas Canney's first wife is UNKNOWN.

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