Person:Mary Freeman (1)

Mary Freeman
b.Bet. 1682 - 1691 Eastham, Barnstable, Mass
m. Abt 1681
  1. Sarah FreemanBet 1681 - 1685 - 1743/44
  2. Mary FreemanBet 1682 - 1691 - aft 1747
  3. Isaac FreemanBef 1687 - Bef 1737
  4. Ebenezer FreemanAbt 1687 - 1760
  5. Experience FreemanBef 1691 - Bef 1721
  6. Mercy FreemanAbt 1692 - 1759
  7. Thankful FreemanBet 1693 - 1695 - Aft 1736
  8. Elizabeth FreemanBet 1694 - 1696 - Bef 1737
  9. Hannah FreemanAbt 1697 - 1751
  10. Edmund FreemanAbt 1702 - 1782
  11. Rachel FreemanBet 1709 - 1713 - Aft 1765
m. est 1706
  1. Seth Hinckley1707 - 1747
  2. Shubeal Hinckley1708/09 -
  3. Mary Hinckley1710/11 - 1710/11
  4. Samuel Hinckley1710/11 - 1767
  5. Edmund Hinckley1712 - Aft 1765
  6. Reliance Hinckley1714 - 1751
  7. Aaron Hinckley1715 - 1792/93
  8. Mehitable Hinckley1718 - 1811
  9. Experience Hinckley1720 - 1798
  10. Mary Hinckley1724 - 1759
  11. Isaac Hinckley1726 - 1751
  12. William HinckleyAbt 1734 -
Facts and Events
Name Mary Freeman
Gender Female
Birth[2] Bet. 1682 - 1691 Eastham, Barnstable, MassSee talk page
Alt Marriage 1703 Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusettsto Samuel Hinckley
Marriage est 1706 to Samuel Hinckley
Alt Marriage Apr 1710 Harwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United Statesto Samuel Hinckley
Death[4][5] aft 6 May 1747 Brunswick, Cumberland, Maine
  1.   "The Freemans", in The New England Historical and Genealogical Register. (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society), Vol 20 p.61, 1866.

    Children of Edmond Freeman and Sarah ---: 3) Mary m. Samuel Hinckley of Harwich about 1703.

  2. Roser, Susan E. Mayflower Births & Deaths: From the files of George Ernest Bowman at the Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants. (Baltimore [Maryland]: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1992), 225.

    Mary Freeman, d/o Edmund Freeman and Sarah Mayo, b. 1681-1691, m. Samuel Hinckley.
    [Presumably 1681 is earliest possible birth based on parents marriage. Ordering in father's will makes her second oldest daughter, so earliest birth adjusted to 1682 to leave room for older sister to be born. Also, this places her before Mercy, who was b. abt. 1692 based on age at death, hence born by 1691 at the latest.]

  3.   "Hinckley", in Burrage, Henry Sweetser; Albert Roscoe Stubbs; and George Thomas Little. Genealogical and family history of the state of Maine. (New York, New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, c1909), p. 1503.

    "...He was married in April, 1710, in Harwich, Massachusetts, to Mary, daughter of Edmond and granddaughter of Major John Freeman of that town, where she was born. Children : Seth, Shubael, Samuel, Mary, Edmond. Reliance, Aaron, Mehitable, Experience, Isaac and Gideon."
    [The marriage date is incorrect, given that Seth was born 1707. (There is also some confusion over the birth of Reliance that, according to one of the arguments, makes her born even earlier than that.) Various aspects of this are discussed on Family:Samuel Hinckley and Mary Freeman (1) and Person:Reliance Hinckley (1).]

  4. Blake, Frances E. (Frances Evora Edgecombe). Edgecombe, Yates & allied lines. (Kalamazoo, Michigan: Edgecombe/Printer, c1968), 130.

    Cited via an intermediary source, the Gustafson genealogy page. This source in turn cites Source:Wheeler, George Augustus. History of Brunswick, Topsham and Harpswell, Maine, Including the Ancient Territory Known as Pejepscot (1878 ed), which on p. 60 quotes from a letter from Isaac Hinkley to his sister Mehitable and her husband Samuel Scammon, dated Brunswick, 6 May 1747, describing the death of his brother Seth and mentions a grieving father and mother. So it appears Samuel Hinckey's wife was alive as of that date and based on S5, that was probably Mary Freeman, though if he married a second wife Mary Demond, as reported in some sources, it would refer to her.

  5. Settlement of Lieut. Edmund Freeman's Estate, in Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants. Mayflower Descendant: An Illustrated Quarterly Magazine of Pilgrim Genealogy, History and Biography, 8:68-9.

    [Refuting commonly cited death date of 10 Dec 1717] The division of Mary's father estate dated 12 Feb 1718[/19] mentions daughter "Mary Hinckley another of Sd Daughters". Will of "Sarah Freeman of Eastham ... Widdow Relec't of Lieu't Edmund Freeman Deceas'd" dated 26 Mar 1736/37 mentions "my beloved Daughter Mary Hinkley".

  6.   Source:Hinckley, E. Charles. Hinckley Heritage and History (1982), p. 28, says that Deacon Samuel Hinckley, b. Barnstable 24 Sep 1684, d. 1762, m. 1703 Mary Freeman, b. 13 Mar 1687, d. 10 Dec 1717. Note that this birth date is for a different Mary Freeman (see the Talk page). The date of death is incompatible with S5, a primary source, and no explanation of where the 1717 date came from is given. Wheeler himself later says "they" were dismissed from the church in Harwich to Truro in 1719. This sentence comes before he says that Samuel m. (2) Mary Demond, so there is no way to read it other than he was referring Mary Freeman in 1719. And since daughter Mehitable is born 25 Dec 1718, a death on 10 Dec 1717 would mean Samuel remarried within 3 months without much mourning. So a death in 1717 seems improbable at best. At worst, since there is a dearth of evidence supporting any of the facts concerning the second marriage, it seems more likely, as has been speculated in some places, that Mary Demond is a misinterpretation of Mary Freeman and that there was only one wife all along.