Person:Mary Bane (2)

Mary Bane
m. 29 DEC 1705
  1. Nathan BaneABT 1706 -
  2. Mordecai Bane1708 -
  3. Joseph BaneABT 1710 - AFT 1800
  4. Samuel Bane1712 -
  5. Jane Bane1712-1729 -
  6. Barbara Bane1712-1729 -
  7. James Bane1714 - BEF 1790
  8. Mary Bane1715 - bef 1751
  9. Isaac BaneABT 1717 - BEF 1745/46
  10. Sarah BaneABT 1720 -
  11. Hannah Baneabt 1725 - 1826
m. 1730
  1. Mary Burke1732 - 1783
  2. Sarah Burk1734 -
  3. Naomi Burk1744/45 -
Facts and Events
Name Mary Bane
Gender Female
Alt Birth? ABT 1710 Prob. Chester County, Pennsylvania
Birth? 1715 Pennsylvania
Marriage 1730 Goshen, Chester County, Pennsylvaniato James Burk, of Burke's Garden
Death? bef. 1751 Prob. Augusta County, Virginia



20/5th month/1730: “According to our last meetings order, James Burk and Mary Bane, the daughter of Mordecai Bane, declared their intentions of marriage before this meeting which is granted for their first appearance.”   From minutes of monthly meeting held at Goshen.

17/6th month/1730: “James Burk and Mary Bane appeared at this meeting and declared that they continue their intentions of marriage with each other, it being the second time and nothing appearing to obstruct their proceeding. They are left to their liberty to accomplish their said intentions according to good order. Catherine Hains and Jane Bane are appointed to attend their marriages and so that good order to be kept and make report thereof to our next monthly meeting.”

11/7th month/1730: “Whereas James Burke of Goshen in the County of Chester in the Province of Pennsylvania __ and Mary Bane, the daughter of Mordecai Bane of Goshen aforesaid __ having declared their intention of marriage with each other before two monthly meetings of the peoples __ Quaker held at Goshen __ according to the good order __ among them and having consent of parents and relations concerned their said proposal of marriage was permitted by the said Meetings now thsfo? and to certify all whom it may concern that for the full accomplishing of their said intentions this 11th day of the seventh month in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and thirty they the said James Burk and Mary Bane approved at a public meeting of the said people not together at their public meeting house at Goshen aforesaid and the said James Burke taking the said Mary Bane by the hand did in a solemn name openly declare that he took her and said Mary Bane to be his wife promising with the Lord’s assistance to be unto her a faithful and loving husband until death should separate them and then and there in the said assembly the said Mary Bane did in like manner declare that she took the said James Burk to be her husband promising with the assistance of God to be unto him a faithful and loving wife until death should separate them and moreover the said James Burk and Mary – she according to the custom of marriage assuming the name of her husband as a further confirmation thereof did then and there to __ for their hands and __ names are under written being present at the solemnization of the __ marriage and subscription of witnesses thereunto have also to __ __ set our hands the Day and Year above written:

Thomas Evans Hannah Evans James Burk

Aaron James Elizabeth Evans Mary Burk

Alexander Bane Given Williams * * * * * * *

Robert __ Mary James Mordecai Bane

David Davies E__ Golding Nathan Bane

__ __ Elizabeth James James Bane

Thomas Smedley Mary __ Sarah Bane

Thomas Evans Martha Townsend Mordecai Bane Jr.

Joseph Townsend Susanna Parks Sarah Price

Isaac __ Rebecca Jones Hannah James

Thomas Price Jane __ Catherine __

Mordecai James Ruth Jones Margaret Aldridge

Richard Jones Deborah Taylor Elizabeth Brownard

Joseph Maslach Mary Woodward Jane Bane

William Beaunion Alice Taylor

Isaac __ Ann James

John __ Hannah Aldridge

14/7th month/1730: “Friends appointed to attend the marriage of James Burk and Mary Bane. They brought their certificate to be recorded.”

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    Three of Mordecai Bane's sons and two daughters removed to Virginia.
    Those being Joseph to the Great Capon River region of what is now Hampshire County, West Virginia.He later moved to Washington County, Pennsylvania
    Isaac and James removed to the Roanoke River area of Virginia were Isaac died and James later removed to Toms Creek in what was then Augusta County and
    now Montgomery County, Virginia. The daughter Mary married James Edward Burke and they lived in the Roanoke River area where she died.
    The daughter Hannah married Henry Battin and they moved to the Great Capon River region of what is now Hampshire County, Virginia.
    The sons Mordecai, and Samuel I believe both died in Pennsylvannia. And the son Nathan for sure did.
    The first decendants of the Alexander Bane line to move into Virgina were two of the sons of William Bane 1717-1801, those being Abner Bane 1761-1846 and Jesse Bane 1755-1831. They both removed to what is now Berkeley County, West Virginia and later to what is now Mineral County West Virginia.