Person:Martin Dreisbach (2)

m. 22 Feb 1694
  1. Martin Dreisbach1717 - 1799
m. 9 Nov 1742
  1. Johann Henrich Dreisbach1743 - 1743
  2. Elisabeth Dreisbach1744 - 1748
  3. Martinus Dreisbach1745 - Abt 1763
  4. Margaretha Rebecca Dreisbach1748 - Abt 1825
  5. Johann Jacob DREISBACH1750 - 1804
  6. Henry Dreisbach1755 - 1814
  7. Catharine Elisabeth Dreisbach1759 -
  8. John Dreisbach1762 - 1823
  9. Martin Dreisbach1764 - 1831
Facts and Events
Name Martin Dreisbach
Gender Male
Birth? 23 May 1717 Raumland, Witgenstein, Germany
Marriage 9 Nov 1742 Krombach, Kreuztal, Arnsberg, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germanyto Anna Eva HOFFMAN
Death? 18 Feb 1799 Northumberland, Pennsylvania, United States

Update published in the newsletter of the Dreisbach Family Association Sept. 2012, written by Marcia Dreisbach Falconer, Editor: Dreisbach Family Association Newsletter, attached.

Martin Dreisbach (1717-1799) and Anna Eve or Eva Hoffman Dreisbach (1722-1789), were the parents of Johann Jacob Dreisbach.

Dreisbach Family Association Newsletter, September 2012, written by Marcia Dreisbach Falconer Editor, states:

Martin Weds: Martin must have left Raumland and gone to the town of Krombach, perhaps to find to work as a blacksmith. There Martin met Anna Eva Hoffman (1722-1789), the daughter of Johannes Hoffman and Elisabetha Hadem. Anna’s father was a respected man in Krombach. He had served as the official schoolmaster for a period of time, and was also a church elder. Martin and Anna Eva were married in the Evangelical Reformed Church in Krombach on 9 November 1742 when Martin was 25 years old and Anna Eva was 20.

Martin and Anna Eva continued to live in Krombach for the next nine years. Five children were born to them during this time. Two of them died, one as a three month old infant, the other as a three and a half year old child. The birth and death dates of these children are found in the register of the Krombach Evangelical Reformed Church . (Deaths in PA. are not recorded in the Krombach Church book but are included here for completeness.) They are:

Johann Henrich: b. 25 June 1743 – d. 11 Oct 1743 in Krombach

Elisabeth: b. 15 Oct 1744 – d. 5 Feb 1748 in Krombach

Martinus: b. 5 Nov 1745 – d. about 1763 in Cocalico, PA.

Margaretha: b. 4 Dec 1748 – d. about 1825 in Lewisburg, PA.

Johann Jacob: b. 7 Dec 1750 – d.1804 in Mifflinburg, PA.

Source: Photo copies of original records from the Krombach Evangelical Reformed Church are in the Kreuztaler Stadtarchiv, Gelbe Villa (Dreslers Park) Hagener Str. 22, 57223 Kreuztal, Germany. Courtesy of Mrs. Ria Siewert.

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