Person:Marion Fisher (1)

m. 1904
  1. Marion Fisher1904 - 2002
m. 6/25/1927
  1. Charles Fisher Sparrell1928 - 2007
Facts and Events
Name Marion Fisher
Gender Female
Birth[2] 30 Nov 1904 New York City, New York, United States
Education? 1926 Willimantic, Windham, Connecticut, United StatesWillimantic Normal School (now E.C.U.)
Marriage 6/25/1927 Montville, New London, Connecticut, United Statesto Herbert Kirkwood Sparrell
Education? ABT 1960 Rhode Island, United StatesB.A., Rhode Island College of Education
Occupation? Primary School Teacher
Death? 17 Dec 2002 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Cause of Death? 17 DEC 2002 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United StatesCause: Chronic Pulmonary Disease/ Dementia
Burial[1] Hope Cemetery, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States

Birth recorded in New York City as "Helene", name changed by father to "Marion".


  1., in
  2. City of NY Birth Certificate, 55727, Primary quality.

    No. of Certificate: 55727
    Name of Child: Helene Fisher
    Sex: female
    Color: white
    Date of Birth: November 30,1904
    Place of Birth: 54 Manhattan Ave
    Father's Name: Albert F Fisher
    Father's Residence: 54 Manhattan Ave
    Father's Birthplace: US
    Father's Age: 50 years
    Father's Occupation: broker
    Mother's Name: Ida A Fisher
    Mother's Name before marriage: Ida A Hurlburt
    Mother's Residence: 54 Manhattan Ave
    Mother's Birthplace: US
    Mother's Age: 30 years
    Number of previous children: 0
    How many now living (in all): 1
    Name and address of person making this report: Isador Abralanison 65 W 26
    Date of Report: Dec 8, 1904