Person:Maria Deter (1)

m. 26 Apr 1715
  1. Maria Magdalena Deter1716 - Bef 1800
  2. Johannes Deter1718 -
  3. Johann Friedrich Deter1723 -
  4. Elisabetha Deter
  5. Henrich Deter
  6. Lorenz Deter1736 -
  • HChristopher RingAbt 1715 - Abt 1787
  • WMaria Magdalena Deter1716 - Bef 1800
m. 27 Apr 1737
  1. Anna Maria Ring1737 - Abt 1737
  2. Anna Maria Ring1740 - Abt 1740
  3. Anna Barbel Ring1742 - Abt 1742
  4. Cattarina Ring1744 - Abt 1744
  5. Conrad Ring1746 - Aft 1819
  6. Anna Maria Ring1748 - Bet 1779-1785
  7. Catharina Ring1750 - 1813
  8. George Ring1751/52 - 1818
  9. Johannes Ring1754 - 1825
  10. Elisabeth Ring1756 -
  11. David Ring1758 - Bef 1838
Facts and Events
Name Maria Magdalena Deter
Gender Female
Birth[1][2] 7 Jul 1716 New York, United States
Christening[2] 5 Aug 1716 West Camp, Ulster, New York, United StatesSponsors: Jacob Kaputzgi and wife Anna Magdalena
Marriage 27 Apr 1737 Rhinebeck, Dutchess, New York, United Statesto Christopher Ring
Death? Bef 1800 Rhinebeck (town), Dutchess, New York, United States
Reference Number? 7519
  1. Translation from flyleaf at the end of German bible, Basle, 1720..

    In the Year 1716, on the 7th of July, alten Sticklum (Old Style), was I Maria Magdalena Ringen (born Tedterin) born into this world.

    The above is written on the leaf.

    Below is the following on a slip of paper gummed on
    In the Year 1716 on the 7th July was my daughter Maria Magdalena born.

    Christopher Ring and Maria Magdalena Ringen of Rein Bock

    On the 5th February a son was born to me + on the 19th baptized by name he is called Koonrath Ring, in the Year 1746.

    On the 22nd of January a daughter was born to me + on the 30th baptized; by name she is called Anmaria (?Anne Maria) Ringen. In the year 1748.

    The 1st of April was a daughter born to me + on the 4th baptized; by name she is called Katrina Ringen. In the year 1750.

    On the 9th of January was a son born to me by name he is called George Ring, in the year 175_ (the last figure is almost effaced, but enough remains to indicate that the year was 1752) and on the 26th baptized.

    On the 4th May was a son born to me; by name Johannes Ring. In the year 1754.

    On the 10th March was a daughter born to me by name Siessabether Ringen. In the year 1756.

    On the 5th of November was a Son born to me by name David Ring + on the 19th baptized. In the year 1758.

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