Person:Lucy Scott (6)

Lucy Winifred Scott
d.21 Aug 1892
m. 1 Jan 1880
  1. Rosa Elzira Wilmetta Scott1880 - 1964
  2. Thomas Fields Scott1882 - 1892
  3. Emma Eldora Scott1885 - 1930
  4. Harly Frederick Scott1887 - 1889
  5. Lucy Winifred Scott1889 - 1892
  6. Sewell Edwin Scott1892 - 1923
Facts and Events
Name Lucy Winifred Scott
Gender Female
Alt Death[1] 21 Aug 1882 See text
Birth[2] 28 Oct 1889 Putnam, Missouri, United States
Death? 21 Aug 1892 See text
Burial[1] Putnam, Missouri, United StatesTorrey Cemetery

The death date reported in Phillips[1] is almost certainly a typo and should read 21 Aug 1892 rather than 21 Aug 1882. Lucy's parents were married in January 1880, their oldest child (Wilmetta) was born in October of that year. Subsequent children were born about every two years, with Lucy's birth in October 1889 according to family sources.[2] A birth date as given by family sources would be consistent with her age at time of death if she died in 1892, not 1882. On the other hand, if she died in 1882, she would have been born, based on reported age at time of death, before her parents were married.

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