Person:Lucy Crockett (1)

Lucy Millicent Crockett
b.13 Jun 1896 Chester, Cheshire
m. 14 Apr 1884
  1. Richard Herbert Crockett1886 - 1974
  2. James William Crockett1887 - 1951
  3. George Bunnager Crockett1889 - 1970
  4. Thomas Amos Crockett1891 -
  5. Mary Alice Crockett1891 -
  6. Ada Crockett1894 - 1982
  7. Lucy Millicent Crockett1896 - 1965
m. 10 Nov 1913
  1. Herbert William Davies1914 - 2004
Facts and Events
Name Lucy Millicent Crockett
Gender Female
Birth? 13 Jun 1896 Chester, Cheshire
Marriage 10 Nov 1913 Edmonton, Alberta, Canadato William Duckworth Davies
Death? 19 Nov 1965 Victoria, Capital, British Columbia, Canada

Lucy Millicent Crockett (Granny Davies) was born in Chester, Cheshire, England on June 13, 1896, but she spent most of her childhood in Stourbridge, Worcestershire before the family emigrated to Canada. Lucy, along with her sister Alice and her sister-in-law Jessie, left Liverpool aboard the C.P.R. ship Lake Manitoba on 1 Sept, 1911 bound for Canada. Lucy is listed in the Edmonton Directory for 1912 as a domestic living at 526 Namayo Ave. (now 97 St.) while the rest of the family resided at 670 Fraser Avenue (now 98 St.). She met William Duckworth Davies on the morning she arrived in Edmonton according to my grandfather and Granny was very young when she met Bill Davies and was only seventeen when she married him.

They were married at the Manse of Robertson Presbyterian Church at 691-23rd St., Edmonton on November 10, 1913 by Reverend P. G. Stewart. Bert was born April 11, 1914 and war broke out in Europe soon after. Lucy gave birth to stillborn twins before Grandpa went overseas in World War I. Granny and Bert lived with her mother-in-law, Esther Davies until Grandpa returned home in 1918. After Grandpa came home from the war as an amputee, they moved out to a farm in Busby where they underwent many hardships. The family moved back to Edmonton about 1920 and they lived in an apartment on Jasper Ave. near Alex Taylor School. At this time Granny came down with Diphtheria and her health was never as good after her recovery from that disease. They moved in with Esther (Nana) again while she recovered.

About 1921 they moved to a little cottage on 82nd St. not far from Nana's house. Their next move was to 98th St. where they spent the winter with Arthur and Ada How who were expecting Fred, who was born December 5, 1922.

The next move for the family was to a house on 90th St., then they moved to 77th St. which was to be their home until 1928. About this time Bill bought a shoe repair shop on 95th St. at 114th Ave. and they bought a house across the lane from the shop on 94th St.

After taking a holiday out to the west coast, Lucy decided that Victoria was the place she would like to live so they sold the business and home and moved to Victoria in October 1934.

Like all the Crocketts, my grandmother loved to swim. One of my first memories of Granny was going with her to the old Crystal Gardens in Victoria to go swimming in the salt-water pool.

Granny was a wonderful baker but she was not able to enjoy the desserts she produced because she had diabetes. We always looked forward to visiting Granny's kitchen because she always had something on hand that did not meet her expectations and we were the beneficiaries of the goodies which were always perfect to us. I am sure all the grandchildren remember and loved Granny's "flops". She made the most beautiful wedding cakes and I was lucky enough to have one of the last cakes she adorned for our wedding.

My last memory of my grandmother was of her coming to visit our home to see our son, her first grandson, in the summer of 1965. She had been in and out of hospital with breathing problems but she would not let us assist her when she climbed up the front steps on her hands and knees. We lost Granny at the young age of sixty-nine on November 19, 1965. She died of lung cancer but she never smoked.

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  1.   When I asked my aunt and cousin, who also have the middle name of Millicent, where the name came from, I received the following reply:
    "Lady Millicent was going through Chester the day Granny was born and that is why that is her middle name"