Person:Louis Rankin (2)

Louis Franklin RANKIN
m. Bet 1878 and 1879
  1. William Joseph RANKIN1879 - 1896
  2. Jeanette (Netty) RANKIN1882 - 1921
  3. Louis Franklin RANKIN1886 - 1968
  4. Edward Rankin1891 - 1983
  1. Nellie Beatrice Rankin1907 - 1966
  2. William Taft Rankin1909 - 1983
  3. Frances Irene Rankin1909 - 1986
  4. Samuel Henry Young RANKIN1910 - 1979
  5. Idell RANKIN1911 - 1980
  6. Furman E. RANKIN1917 - 1981
  7. Claude Lee RANKIN1921 - 1986
  8. Joseph Franklin Rankin1926 - 1989
Facts and Events
Name Louis Franklin RANKIN
Gender Male
Birth? 2 Aug 1886 Oconee County, South Carolina
Other Son-in-law: Leroy Nicholson (1)
with Theodosa (Docia) OWENS
Death? 21 May 1968 Oconee County , South Carolina
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Note from Marshall Rankin; Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001, He states that Lewis is buried at the Church of God NS Walhalla, (The Old #2 church of God).

LOUIS RANKIN Request Information � SSN 249-64-6418 Residence: 29691��Walhalla, Oconee, SC � Born 17 Oct 1938 Last Benefit: �� � Died 12 Aug 1998 Issued: SC (1956) This fits Louis B. RANKIN

LOUIS RANKIN Request Information � SSN 250-26-8869 Residence: 29678��Seneca, Oconee, SC � Born 7 Sep 1894 Last Benefit: �� � Died Aug 1975 Issued: SC (1952)

X-From_: Tue Sep 25 20:51:28 2001 From: Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 21:51:20 EDT Subject: Some Corrections To:

����Re siblings of Lewis Franklin Rankin..... My aunt Francis, his daughter, says that he had only two sisters and one brother. �The sisters were Bessie or Betsy and Jeanette. �I remember Grandpa talking of Bessie, �I believe her name was actually Elizabeth. About Jeanette (Netty), she was born May 29 1882 and died on June 12 1921 from complications of child birth( the child named Maude (f) died shortly after. �Edward married Ida Brewer, no further information on her.
�����Grandpa Lewis and Grandma Theodosia......some people spell their names differently, but that is how the tombstones have it spelled.

There was another brother but he died at avery young age. �he is buried with Nancy and Grandpa Will. �I have the dates for him, just don't know what I've done with them.

�����There is and odd mistake in the portion about my parents. �The file shows an unknown marriage for my father, that is an error he was married to my mother only.



Mrs Nannie Rankin Griggs, 93,died at 5 PM Wednesday at the home of her granddaughter, Mrs Arvie Hendricks, in the Picket Post community. Surviving her are two sones, Louis F. Rankin of Clemson and Ed Rankin of Lancaster; also 12 grandchildren, and 33 Grandchildren. Funeral services will be held at Poplar Springs church today (Friday) at 3 o'clock conducted by Rev. J.B. Eades. Burial bill be in the church cemetery. Grandsons have been asked to serve as pallbearers and caarandchildren as flower girls.

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