Person:Lorentz Crees (1)

Lorentz 'Lawrence' Crees
b.BEF 1689 Germany
m. 1709
  1. Peter Crees1710-1722 -
  2. Rebecca CreesAbt 1722 - Aft 1777
Facts and Events
Name Lorentz 'Lawrence' Crees
Gender Male
Birth? BEF 1689 Germany
Marriage 1709 to Maria Euphrosina Schott
Death? Prob. Virginia

Lorentz (Lawrence) Crees was one of the Early Settlers of Germanna Colony

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Migrated to the Germanna Colony abt. 1721.

From "Germanna History":

Nr. 1434: I return to the second paragraph of Note 1432, in which one of the chain carriers was Peter Cree. Did that name cause you to think twice? It should have. The conventional histories do not name a Peter Cree. Assuming he did exist, and there is no reason to doubt his existence, he would probably have been a son of Lawrence Cree and his wife.

The origins of Lawrence Cree were found by Johni Cerny and Gary Zimmerman. In Germany his name was Greys, and he had married Maria Euphrosina Schott in 1709. One daughter is known in Germany, but she has no record in Virginia. There was another daughter born in Virginia, Rebecca, who married Timothy Swindell. It has been assumed that she was the only child in the family, since Lawrence Cree left all of his land to her and her husband.

It would appear from the Warrant and Survey cited above, that there was a son, Peter. Peter could have been a man of almost 40 at the time of the survey for Theobald Crisler (it is more likely that he was younger). Therefore, he might have been a father by then. And, he might have left heirs; however, the most likely event is that he did not leave any children, since we would expect that they would have shared in the land distribution that Lawrence Crees made. There could have been other explanations for the lack of any land distribution to him or his heirs.

I think that one of the main points to be noted by this is that we can never have too many facts or evidence. It has always been assumed that the descendants of Lawrence Crees have been through his daughter Rebecca. There is at least a "possibility" that there could be other Cree descendants.