Person:Litha Neville (1)

Litha Nichols Neville
b.Abt 1781
d.2 Apr 1841
  • HLitha Nichols NevilleAbt 1781 - 1841
  1. Elizabeth NevilleAbt 1795 - Aft 1857
Facts and Events
Name Litha Nichols Neville
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1781
Death? 2 Apr 1841

Abbrev: NC-WARREN-Minga Title: Transcribed by Joanne Mingia Burch, Bible of Ambrose Minga Text: I, Joanne Mingia Burch, am submitting a copy of the Minga bible below. It is owned by Richard Hunter, Warrenton, N.C. The bible belonged to my ggggrandfather Ambrose Minga. "JOHN D. MINGA" is written on the back cover "Ambrose Minga's book April 3rd 1833"; is written on inside of front page Marriages: (Wm.) Jesse PITTARD and Eliza A. MINGUS married the 31st of March 1830 Alexander N. MINGA married 13th September 1832 John D. MINGA married 15th January 1833 (also read John S. (L.)Minga) Richard W. MINGA married 27th July 1836 Thomas A. MINGA married 6th February 1838 John D. MINGA (also read John L. Minga) and Agnes M.A. BROWN married 25th February 1841 William T. MINGA married the 25th day of October A.D. 1831 to Martha SHERRIN Henry W. SHEARIN and Mary M. MINGA married October 2, 1832 George N. PITTARD and Elizabeth BAKER married the 31st of Feb. 1836

Births: William T. Minga born December 26, 1808 John D. Minga born 9th July 1810 Alexander N. Minga born 7 June 1812 Eliza Ann L. Minga born 3rd February 1814 Mary M. Minga born 7th February 1816 Richard W. Minga born 11th June 1818 Thomas A. Minga born 1st May 1821 Henry L. Minga born 4th July 1824 Emily E. Minga born 28th of May 1827 John B. Pittard son of George and Elizabeth Pittard born the 7th of February 1857 Mary Eliza Pittard born the 17th of July 1860 Elizabeth (W.?) Pittard born the 16th of July 1862 Mary E. Pittard born the 2nd of June 1880 John M. Minga, son of Richard and Sally Minga born June 3rd 1839 Jesse Pittard born the 7th of April 1811 Eliza A. Pittard born the 3rd of February 1814 William G. Pittard born the 11th December 1832 George N. Pittard born the 16th of March 1835 Confucus Pittard born the 29th of October 1836 Doctor N. Pittard born the 23rd of October 1838 Vitula A. Pittard born the 25th of Sept. 1840 Jesse Pittard born the 19th of April 1843? William Pittard son of Jesse & Tibitha Pittard born the 21st day of September 1873 James H. Pittard born the 27th February 1845 Burnod Pittard born the 4th of August 1848 Eliza A.L.Pittard born the 13 of January 1852 Magnelia MILLS born the 2nd day of January 1852 Mary Eliza MILLS born the 15th of January 1854 Emily E. Pittard born the 7th day of April 1858 Burnod Pittard born the 16th day of July 1875 (1876?) Harvey Pittard born the 16th day of December 187? Vitula_______13th of May 1866 Buby born the 26 of March 1885 Arrabella Pittard born the 17th of August 1872


Emily E. MINGA departed this life Sept. 22, 1827..Yes my child gone to rest to me see you will not come but to thee I can go. Wilmouth M. Minga wife of my son John departed this life the 18th day of April 1837 ages 28 yrs. Lost two infants..their ages as follows..Martha A. F. Minga was born 11 December 1833, Julia Ann Lanoir Minga born 14th August 1835 Elizabeth W. Pittard died the 16th November 1862 aged 10 months Mary E. Pittard died the 7th day of December 1862 aged two years 4 months (8 days) Litha NICHOLS departed this life April 2nd 1841 aged 60 years Burnod Pittard departed this life the 16th day of September 1853, 5 years 1 month and 12 days old Emily E. Pittard departed this life the 23rd of August 1858 aged 4 months and 23 days Eliza A.L. Pittard died the 12th day of September 1862 10 years 8 months old William G. Pittard died the first day of March 1863 aged 30 years 2 months and 19 days. Repository: Name: Hunter, Richard Warrenton, NC _NAME: Hunter, Richard CITY: Warrenton STAE: NC