Person:Lewis Burwell (11)

Maj. Lewis Burwell
m. 1651
  1. Lewis Burwell, II1653 - 1710/11
Facts and Events
Name Maj. Lewis Burwell
Alt Name Lewis Fairfield Burwell
Alt Name Lewis Burwell
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1621
Alt Birth? 1625
Other[4] 1640 Maj. Lewis Burwell immigrated to Fairfield, Gloucester County, VirginiaImmigrated
Marriage 1651 to Lucy Higginson
Death[2][3] 19 NOV 1658 Fairfield, Gloucester County, Virginia

Maj. Lewis Burwell was one of the Early Settlers of Colonial Virginia

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Information on Maj. Lewis Burwell

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in 1646, Lewis Burwell, a Sergeant-Major of Militia, was a member of a delegation sent to invite Charles II to come to Virginia. In the spring of 1648, Lewis and a Thomas Vaulx, exercising headrights accruing as a result of abandoned 1633 Kingswell expedition and being for the transportation of forty-six persons, received 2300 acres on the York River. On June 1648, Lewis received 2350 more acres when he exercised headrights for the transportation of forty-seven persons whose names included Francis Burwell and a "Fra" Burwell. IN 1650, Lewis exercising headrights claims, received another 500 acres. Lewis made his home at Fairfield, and married Lucy Higginson, the only daughter of Joanna Tokesay Higginson and her husband, Capt. Robert who had commanded at Middle Plantation (later called Williamsburg). In Oct. 1653, Lewis was allotted 200 more acres but he died on 19 Nov. 1653 . . . his "iron-stone or black marble" tombstone, like many of the other Fairfield stones was cut in England. Lucy was buried there, as was her father.

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