Person:Leonard Dugger (1)

m. 4 Nov 1771
  1. Sarah Dugger1772 - 1854
  2. Leonard Dugger1773 - 1817
  3. Luke Dugger1779 - 1850
  4. Dread Dugger1780 - 1856
  5. Anna Dugger1784 - After 1850
  6. James Dugger1786 - 1851
  7. Flood Dugger1788 - 1850
  8. Frances Dugger1791 - After 1850
m. 11 Jan 1792
  1. Jarrot Dugger1792 - 1850
  2. Wesley Dugger1793 - 1850
  3. Mary "Polly" Dugger1795 - 1858
  4. John C Dugger1797 -
  5. Elizabeth "Betsy" Dugger1797 - After 1850
m. 12 Jan 1801
  1. Nancy Dugger1801 - 1820
Facts and Events
Name Leonard Dugger
Gender Male
Birth? 4 Nov 1773 Brunswick, Virginia, United States
Marriage 11 Jan 1792 Orange, North Carolina, United Statesto Rhoda Castleberry
Marriage 12 Jan 1801 Sumner, Tennessee, United Statesto Elizabeth Taylor
Death? ca 1817 Sumner, Tennessee, United States

Leonard Dugger was born 4 Nov 1773, the 2nd child of John Dugger Surry and Frances Dugger. This is all proven in Revolutionary War Pension File W7062. The pension file also gives data on Leonard's marriages and children.

On 11 Jan 1792 Leonard Dugger obtained a marriage bond in Orange Co., NC to marry Rhoda Castleberry. William OKelly was bondsman. They were married on 12 Jan 1791 per the Pension File. The marriage bond showed the year as 1792, so I suspect it is more accurate, but perhaps not.

Rhoda Castleberry Dugger died sometime between ca 1797 and ca 1800, probably in Sumner Co., TN.

On 27 Nov 1800 Leonard Dugger obtained a marriage bond in Sumner Co., TN to marry Elizabeth Taylor. The Pension record says they married on 12 Jan 1801. That could be correct, even though nearly 2 months after the bond was obtained.

"Leonard Duger" was listed on the 1809 Sumner Co., TN tax list with 133 acres.

The 1810 census is lost for Tennessee.

Leonard Dugger was listed on the 1816 and 1817 tax lists in Sumner Co., TN.

On 25 Sep 1817 Leonard Dugger made his Will in Sumner Co., TN. (Thanks to Joyce Blocker for sharing the transcription)

In the name of God Amen. I Leonard DUGGER of the County of Sumner and State of Tennessee, being in a low state of health, but of a sound mind and memory and knowing that it is appointed unto all men once to die, and being desirous to settle my worldly affairs, I do hereby make this my last will and testament ~ vis, It is my will that my lawful debts be paid by my executors and that my family should move to the Illinois Territory and to the County of Madison and on the waters of Silver creek, and take possession of all the land I have entered in that Country, and as much of my money as is necessary to procure deeds for the same to be appropriated for that express purpose by my executors. Also all expences in having my familys stock etc to be paid by said executors and when my family reaches that Country that as much of my chatel property be sold as will make the sum of three hundred and forty dollars to be disposed as follows. Viz one hundred dollars of said money to be given to my wife Elisabeth, one hundred of said money to be given to my son John, and one hundred to my youngest daughter Nancy, and the balance to wit the other forty dollars to be given to my Daughter Elisabeth HUNTER to make them equal with the rest of my children as they have already received each of them to that amount and that my land & the balance of my money and chatel property be equally divided amongst the whole (viz my wife and my six children, Jarrot, Westley, Polly, Elisabeth, John, and Nancy ---- I do also will my large family bible to my wife, and the balance of all my books to be equally divided amongst my children and I wish my executors to make sale of my wheat and such property as they may think will not be expedient to move with them, and it is my wish for my wife and son John & my two Daughters to live together, and let it be expressly understood that my land is to be divided in quantity and quality by a commission of three religious freeholders chosen by themselves, and to be done as soon as expedient when they reach that country, that each one may improve their own land ---- And I do hereby appoint my wife Elisabeth and Jordan UZZELL executors of this my last will and testament, as witness my hand and seal this 25th day of September 1817. s/Leonard DUGGER {seal}
s/David CUSHON (?);

Leonard Dugger died some after 25 Sep 1817, presumably shortly afterwards.