Person:Lawrence Sudderth (1)

Lawrence Sudderth
b.Abt 1650 Prob. Scotland
m. Bef 1645
  1. Henry Suddath1645 - 1731
  2. Lawrence SudderthAbt 1650 -
m. Bef 1670
  1. James SudderthAbt 1670 - 1753
Facts and Events
Name Lawrence Sudderth
Gender Male
Birth[1] Abt 1650 Prob. Scotland
Marriage Bef 1670 to _____ Unknown

One source claims that this Lawrence Sudderth died 1677 in Duxbury, Massachusetts, but this is very doubtful since his probable father, David Sudden/Sudderth was clearly located in Virginia, and the records of Lawrence Sudderth in Stafford County, Virginia are most likely of this Lawrence, who was an adult by 1680. Another Lawrence Sudduth, son of Henry Sudderth (probable brother of this Lawrence), born abt. 1672, was clearly too young to have been the same Lawrence Sudderth that is listed in the Stafford County, Virginia records listed below.

Records of Lawrence Sudderth

From Stafford County, VA records:

STAFFORD COUNTY VA ORDER BOOK 1680; I JOSEPH HADNUTH doe assign all my right and title of halfe ye land I bought of RICHARD AYLLIFFE in WESTMORELAND County unto JNO: SIMPSON of Stafford County, and to his heires, To have and to hold forever, for a valuable consideration already received, And I doe oblige myself to have itt recorded to him in Court att any time itt shall be required by him; In Witness whereof 1 have hereunto sett my hand this 24th day of July Anne Dom 1680 Signed Sealed and Delivered in presence of us RICHARD FLENN. JOSEPH X HADNUTH his mrke LAURENCE X SUDDARTH his mrke This Assignment vas acknowledged in ye County Court of Stafford by ye said JOSEPH HADNUTH unto ye said JNO: SIMPSON ye 8th day of Sepembr; 1680 et Recordatr.

STAFFORD COUNTY VA DEED & WILL BOOK 1689 - 1693, p.265 LAWRENCE SUDWORTH giveth for his marke wth a halfe spade on ye right ear and a hole on ye same ear the left ear cropped wth a hole slit out Recorded this 7th day of November 1692

STAFFORD COUNTY VA ORDER BOOK 1690-1692 Page 131 Court held 12th March 1690/1 36. Capt. GEORGE BRENT Attorney of NICHOS. GOODRIDGE Mariner and Master of the good ship Spencer of London sheweth that Nicholas Goodridge the plt in or about the month of may last came with his ship the Spencer into this country and brought a very considerable cargoe of goods to Trade and merchandise with the Inhabitants of the County and for their supply which goods he on board of his ship and on board of divers of his sloops he exposed to sale to any fair and honest purchaser of which many came and amongst the rest one DAVID DARNELL of freestone point within this County who dealt with the pit for a sum of Tobacco of his own particular crop at freestone point where the Tobacco he dealt for was showne to the pits receiver NATHANIEL WEBSTER who took the same and marked it for the plt virt 2 hhds No. 222 and the other 303 and soe the said Darnell had the goods he Liked for pay but see it is may it please your worships the Tobacco being left at Darnells house as the custom here is for some time and then being brought on board in order to be bulked the plt caused the Nailing and Lining to be broken and opening the caskes instead of good Tobacco found nothing but rotten Dungie Stuff god knows how old and that commixt with great Quant. of Ashes dust and sand soe that the plt caused the 2 hhds to be throwne overboard as being in no measure merchantable so that he doth in fact say David Darnell either before or after the receipt of the Tobacco as a false cheat hath cheated the plt to his damage two thousand pounds of tobacco and cask for which he brings his suit as alsoe prays David Darnell may be punished for the credit of your country and benefit of commerce which by such odious and detestable practices is much Injured and that Darnell pay costs And David Darnell by MARGARET his wife came into Court and for plea saith not guilty and for Tryal puts himself upon the Country and the plt likewise Therefore tis ordered that the Jury Enquire the Fact JONATHAN MOTTERSHED, ROBERT STREET, DAVID STRAHLAN, JOSEPH EYRES, CHRISTOPHER BUTLER, JOHN TONEY, JOHN CARR, HENRY MEREST, LAW. SUDWORTH {SUDDARTH}, WILLIAM BURTON, JOHN STOREY, WILLIAM BOWRNE which said Jurors Elected Tryed and Sworn to say the Truth of the premises say upon their Oaths We find for the pit twelve hundred pounds of tobacco and caske for damages Therefore tis ordered that Judgment shall be Entered on the Verdict of the Jury and that David Darnell shall make present payment of the sum of twelve hundred pounds of tobacco and cask unto Capt. Nicholas Coodridge with costs. Ordered that Capt. Nicholas Goodridge pay the Jury seventy two pounds of tobacco with costs. Whereas Capt. Nicholas Goodridge brought his action into this Court against David Darnell for his false cheat and did fully and legally prove David Darnell to be a Notorious knave and false cheat Therefore tis ordered that the sherif shall Immediately repair to the house of David Darnell and take him into his Custody there to remain and abide till the nest Court and that the sherif shall bring him to the next Court there to be Punished as the Law directs for such notorious cheats and cozenage also tis ordered that the sherif shall cause the pillory to be repaired against the next Court to the intent that David Darnell may be put therein and to stay and abide there for the Space of one hour and that the Clerk shall then fix upon his breast the true accompt of his wicked and notorious fact in Capitol Letters as the Law in such cases directs and Enjoyns and that the said Darnell pay this costs.

STAFFORD COUNTY VA ORDER BOOK 1690-1692 Page 134 Court held 12th March 1690/1 40. LAWRENCE SUDWORTH complains against THOMAS HOWARD in a plea of debt .. the sum of nine hundred and ten pounds of Tobacco due per account .. and Thomas Howard came into Court and legally discounted the sum of two hundred pounds of Tobacco out of the said Sum Therefore cis ordered that Thomas Howard shall make present payment of the sum of seven hundred and ten pounds of Tobacco being in full the ballance of all accompts dues and demands between them.

STAFFORD COUNTY VA DEED & WILL BOOK 1699 - 1709, pp. 348-350 An Inventory taken June 20th 1706 of the Estate of Mr. JOHN WAUGH Clerk deced .. items listed valued and totalled 51580 1/2 .. In Obedience to an ord of Court dated June 12th 1706 We the Subscribers being appointed in the same order have met at the house of John Waugh Clk deced & have appraised the aforementioned goods brought to view .. this 21st day June 1706. JOHN GRIGSBY, LAWRENCE SUDDARTH, JOHN ( ), THOMAS HARRIS. Joseph Waugh, John Waugh Sworn before John Anderson At a Court held 11th Sept. 1706 This was Exhibited in County Court as a true & perfect inventory of the Estate of John Waugh Clk deced by the oaths of Joseph Waugh & John Waugh and is ordered to be recorded and is recorded.

STAFFORD COUNTY VA DEED & WILL BOOK 1699 - 1709; pp. 471-472 In Obedience to an order of the Worshipful Court of Stafford County bearing date 13th day April 1709 we the underwritten did meet at the house of EVAN JONES deced on 26th day of April 1709 & did appraise all & singular the Estate of said Jones as was brought before us .. items listed valued and totalled 4692 .. signed by MARGT. JONES .. appraised by LAWRENCE SUDDITH, JOHN SIMPSON JUNR. .. sworn before G. ANDERSON. This was Exhibited in County Court of Stafford the 11th day May 1709 as a true & perfect Inventor; of the Estate of Evan Jones deced by oath of MARGARET JONES admx which is ordered to be recorded & is recorded.

Information on Lawrence Sudderth

From post:

Re: Lawrence Suddath b.~1679 Va. Posted by: Beverly Sullivan Date: March 04, 2000 at 19:31:11 In Reply to: Re: Lawrence Suddath b.~1679 Va. by Bob Nay of 345

Lawrence was living in Stafford co., Va. on 21 July 1680 as an adult when he witnessed a deed between James Hadweth and William Simpson. On 12 Mar. 1690 he brought suit against Thomas Howard in Stafford co. for the non - payment of a debt and on June 12, 1706 he was an appraiser of the estate of "Parson" Waugh of Overwharton Parish, in Stafford co., Va. My cousin who has done this research has him as the father of James Suddarth. James was born about 1680. If you have any other info I would like to have it. (Source: Stoddard-Sudduth Papers, pg. 153.)

Family Group

Husband Lawrence Suddarth (Sudduth)

Born: approx. 1650  - 
Marr:               -   
Died:               - 

Father: David Suddarth (Sudduth) Mother: Other Spouses:

Born:   -  
Died:   -   

Father: Mother: Other Spouses:


James Bennett Suddarth (Sudduth)

Born: approx. 1680  - Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co., Virginia
Marr:      - Elizabeth Travis Ellgey
Died: 13 Mar 1753   - Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co., Virginia

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