Person:David Sudduth (2)

David Sudduth
b.1620 Scotland
d.Aft 1660 Virginia, USA
Facts and Events
Name[1] David Sudduth
Alt Name David Sudden
Alt Name David Sudderth
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 1620 Scotland
Marriage Bef 1645 to _____ Unknown
Census[3] 15 Mar 1658/59 Listed on Deed record in Westmoreland County, Virginia
Death[1] Aft 1660 Virginia, USA

About David Sudduth

Little is known of David Sudden (Sudduth/Sudderth/Suddath). Some sources claim that his wife's name was Marie, but records showing this have not been seen by this researcher.

He came to America abt. 1658, most likely from Scotland, and is listed in the following publication as being transported to Virginia by Col. Thomas Pettus. For transporting David Sudden (Suddath/Sudderth, etc). and 19 others, Pettus received 1001 acres of land on the Potomac in Westmoreland County, Virginia:

"Cavaliers and Pioneers", Volume I, Patent Book 4, pg 389:

COL. THOMAS PETTUS, 1000 acs. Westmoreland Co., 15 Mar 1658, p. 270, (371). Nly, upon Patomeck Cr., Ely. upon land of Sir Thomas Lunsford. Granted 10 Feb. 1652 & renewed for trans. of 20 pers: Jeninge Clauson, John Wyatt, John Harrwell, Nicholas Bond, Elizabeth Willett, Marg. Denby, Georg Huttons, Joseph Castle, James Clerke, John Doe, John Ponder, John Moodall, James Moore, Wm. Lenox, Andrew Marshall, Wm. Read, Robert Duckett, DAVID SUDDON, John Consider, Jellian Crone ( or Crons)."

David Sudden/Sudderth had two possible, perhaps probable sons, Henry Suddarth and Lawrence Suddarth. Since no will for David Sudduth has been located, proof of the identity of his wife and children is lacking. Since records of a Henry and Lawrence appear within a few years after David, they are both thought to be sons of David, but additional records are necessary to prove this relationship.

Much of the information on this family is from "The Stoddard/Suddath Papers", which has a wealth of information compiled on the Suddarth/Suddath families of early Virginia. Since this is a compilation of the research of many different researchers, there are several opinions (sometimes conflicting) regarding relationships of the early Suddarth/Suddath families, based upon this publication.

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