Person:Lavinia Cooper (1)

Lavinia Cooper
  1. Lavinia Cooper1852 - 1915
m. 8 Jun 1876
  1. Hannah Maria Johnson1877 - 1947
  2. Elizabeth Johnson1878 - 1928
  3. Frances Johnson1881 - 1883
  4. Minnie Johnson1883 - 1918
  5. Beatrice Johnson1884 - 1966
  6. Edward Johnson1886 - Bef 1933
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][6] Lavinia Cooper
Gender Female
Birth[3] 13 Jan 1852 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Marriage 8 Jun 1876 Bradford (Manchester), Lancashire, EnglandParish Church
to William Henry Johnson
Alt Marriage 8 Jun 1876 Bradford, West Riding of Yorkshire, Englandsee note under "Family History"
to William Henry Johnson
Residence? 1896 New York City, New York, United States314 E. 44th Street
Residence[5] 1900 Manhattan, New York, United States
Death[6] 3 Jan 1915 New York, New York, United States1816 Gleason Ave.
Burial[4] 6 Jan 1915 Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, Bronx, New York, United States

Excerpt from History of Hannah Maria Johnson Herlihy 10 Aug 01, page 5; author: Bill Herlihy:

" From Sam Johnson's 1939 letter to Hannah: ' Your Mother was Annie's (his wife's) favorite. She often spoke of her when we were in Russia. Your Mother in spite of her troubles had a happy disposition, always jolly when we visited her.'

From Dorothy Seeger's March 30, 1989 letter: ' Lavina used to talk so lovingly of the "old country" that her daughters said when they all got working they were going to send her back to England for six months. They did send her, but she only stayed six weeks. She said she couldn't stand the place! After the sunny skies here she found England's constant rain depressing. Also many of the people she was so fond of had either died or aged so much that it just wasn't the same.'

From Dorothy Seeger's October 16, 1987 letter: ' She cooked and served the family dinner at twelve o'clock and was dead at two o'clock. She had been walking around with pneumonia but didn't know it. She had been waiting for us (my Father, Mother, sister, and me) to come home from Maine where my Father was building a post office so that Mama could take her to our doctor. We got a telegram saying she was dead.'

Lavina Johnson died at age 63 of lobar pneumonia, at 1816 Gleason Avenue in the Bronx, on January 3, 1915. Her death certificate indicated she had lived in the USA and NYC for 31 years."

  1. Master Index Card, Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, NY
    Register of Interment No. 88613, Register of Single Interment No. 25610.

    NAME: Johnson, Lavinia AGE: 63 yrs LOT NO. S.E. Pt. 94 SECTION 198
    PLOT: Cosmos, DATE OF DEATH: Jan 3 1915 DATE OF INTERMENT: Jan 6 1915 LATE RESIDENCE: 1816 Gleason Ave.

  2. History of Hannah Maria Johnson Herlihy, Aug. 10, 2001, Auth: Bill Herlihy
    page 5.

    " Hannah's mother, Lavina Cooper, was born on January 13, 1852 in Manchester. " It was spelled Lavinia on three birth certificates: her own, and those of her daughters, Hannah and Frances. She may have spelled it Lavina after moving to the States?"

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  5. 1900 Census, Manhattan, NY, NY
    Supervisor's District#1, Enumeration Dist.# 923, Sheet #9, 8 June 1900.

    Entry Line # 36, No. 166: Johnson, Lavinia, Wife; White; Female; Date of Birth: Jan 1853, AGE: 47; Married, 25 yrs.; Mother of how many children-8; Number of children living-5; Birthplace: England; Father's Birthplace: England; Mother's Birthplace: England; Year of immigration to U.S.-1884; Number of years in U.S.-16; Can read, write, speak English"

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