Person:Larry Henderson (1)

m. 24 Dec 1917
  1. Larry William Henderson1918 - 2004
  2. Margaret Frances Henderson1919 - 1988
  3. James Louis Henderson1922 - 1972
  4. Armilda Roberts Henderson1924 - 1979
  5. Peachie Mae Henderson1928 - 1928
  6. Roy Morton Henderson1929 - 1929
  7. Baby Boy Henderson1929 - 1929
  8. Robert Edward Henderson1930 - 1930
  9. Fannie Roberta Henderson1932 - 2001
  10. John Henderson1934 - 1934
m. 10 Apr 1941
  1. Phyllis Ann Henderson1944 - 2003
  2. Patsy Carol Henderson1948 - 1948
Facts and Events
Name Larry William Henderson
Gender Male
Birth? 12 Sep 1918 Tippecanoe City, Miami County, Ohio
Marriage 10 Apr 1941 to Hazel D. Coffey
Death? 3 Nov 2004 Kansas City, county not specified, Missouri, United States
Burial? 6 Nov 2004 Graceland Cemetery, Weston, Platte County, Missouri
Reference Number? 20

Uncle Larry always siad he was born in Tippecanoe, Ohio. After doing some research I found the following about a naming controversy.

     The dramatic modern growth of the town has occurred under a new name: Tipp City. The US Postal Service abbreviated the town's name in the 1930s to resolve a conflict with Tippecanoe, Ohio. Some local controversy exists as to whether the name can or should be reverted to the former Tippecanoe City.
     Proponents of the change argue that ZIP codes obviate the conflict. The two Tippecanoes are 200 miles apart. Remarkably, Tippecanoe, Ohio does not possess a post office. It is too small for many Ohio maps and is not one of the 10 incorporated municipalities of Harrison County. The poorly populated Harrison County is similar in size to the Tipp City School District, which makes it Ohio's 5th smallest of 88 counties. Downtown businesses that wish to play up the Tippecanoe City 19th century heritage see little confusion in naming.
     On the other hand, residents are used to the name Tipp City. Addresses and signage would have to be changed if renaming were sought. The high school name is a constant reminder to people in the area of what Tipp used to mean. It is likely that "Tipp" would continue to be used colloquially even after a prospective changeover. Currently, the issue does not seem to matter enough to most residents to prompt political action.

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Uncle Larry told me a story about when they came to Missouri in 1940. He said he would never forget the day because on the day they arrived in Weston there were two men who killed each other in a gun battle at the pool hall in downtown Weston. He said it was a policeman and another man. Uncle Larry said the men were fighting over a woman. She was married to one of them.

He also talked about the trip to Missouri. They had everything packed on cars and when they stopped in one town they were told to keep on moving. They didn't want any gypsies in the town.

Uncle Larry was a tobacco farmer. When I was a boy I used to help him cut and house tobacco in Weston, Missouri. by Darrell Warner

Nevember 3, 2004 Today I received an e-mail from my sister Janet informing me that Uncle Larry passed away today. He has a severe stroke a little over a year ago and his health had been going down hill ever since. It was sad to watch a proud strong man as he was wither away to nothing. I visited him in the nursing homes quite a few times and each time he looked worse than the time before. As I sit here and look back at his life I am very proud to have known him. He was a simple man who worked hard all of his life. At one time he had a gas station in Weston, Missouri but I remember him as a farmer. As a young man I worked in the tobacco fields for him. In his youger days he was known to drink quite a bit but in his later years he had given it up. He lived in the Weston, Missouri Senior Citizen Housing until he had his stroke. He helped his neighbors when he could whether it was taking someone to the store, pharmacy or to the doctors office. He was well liked and respected. He enjoyed fishing with his grandson and would go fishing every chance he could. When ever I came across old pictures of his parents I would make copies for him. He truly enjoyed them. I once printed him a copy of the Henderson Family Tree Book I have created. He told me he looked at it all the time. I was so proud he liked it. Uncle Larry really enjoyed the family re-union we have every June at Lewis and Clark State Park. He would always be the first one there to make sure we got the same spot that we used every year. Looking back he took great pride in that. Due to his illness he was not at this years re-union. He was missed by all. I am glad to have known him and I am a better person for it. I will miss him.

Darrell Warner