Person:Larkin Chew (3)

m. ABT. 1695
  1. Joseph Chew, IBET 1695 - 1696 -
  2. Col. Thomas Chew, Sr.BET 1700 - 1702 - 1778
  3. Jane Chew1700 - 1766
  4. Ann "Nan" Mary Chew1703 - 1742
  5. Margaret Beverley1704 - 1740
  6. John ChewABT 1705 - 1756
  7. Larkin Chew, IIabt 1708 - 1770
  8. Anne ChewABT 1724 -
  9. John ChewABT 1726 - 1770
m. 20 September 1733
  1. Elizabeth Chewabt 1734 -
  2. Mary Chewabt 1738 -
  3. Hannah Chewabt 1739/40 - 1821
Facts and Events
Name Larkin Chew, II
Gender Male
Birth[1] abt. 1708 King and Queen County, Virginia
Marriage 20 September 1733 Virginiato Mary Beverley
Alt Marriage 30 SEP 1733 to Mary Beverley
Other? 1739 Sheriff of SpotsylvaniaElection
Other? 1754 Sheriff of SpotsylvaniaElection
Death? 1770 Spotsylvania County, Virginia
Reference Number? 715
Other? Justice of Spotsylvania Co.Election
Will? 29 MAR 1770
Will? 6 APR 1770 Codicil
Will? SEP 1770 Proved

Will of Larkin Chew

CHEW, LARKIN, Spotsylvanla County, d. Mar. 27, 1770
Executors Bond dated Sept. 21, 1770.
Wit. Robert Stubblefield, John Dawson, W. Dawson, Mildred Farish, Larkin Chew, Junr.
Ex. sons-in-law Mordacai Buckner and Oliver Towles.
Legatees: my body to be interred by my deceased father on the land I gave Beverley Stanard, Gentl. Wife, Mary Chew; grandson, Larkin Smith, that part of my tract of land purchased of Bushrod Fauntleroy and others, down to the lower corner of the land whereon Dorothy Foster, widow, now lives, including the small tract I purchased of John Waller, Junr. Joseph Brock and Rice Curtis.
In the event of my dying, without issue, then to all the children my daughter, Mary Towles, may leave alive at her death.
Grandsons, William Stanard and Larkin Smith; all my grandchildren, meaning those to be born as well as those now alive, of my said two daughters, Elizabeth and Mary. Land in Orange County, also remainder of my tract of land adjoining Benjamin Johnson in this county, part of which I have sold to William Pemberton, and whereas I have become purchaser of a piece of land in which William Hudson, Blacksmith, had the equitable and Joseph Hawkins, of this county, decd. the legal title therein, which piece of land I have promised the said Hudson again, providing he pay the debt due from him to me, my executors to refer any dispute or controversies, should any arise, to the determination of my friends Col. Fielding Lewis, Mr. Roger Dixon and Mr. Thomas Fox, who are gentlemen in my opinion of great probity and integrity.
A codicil to the above will dated Apr. 6, 1770, and witnessed by Robert Stubblefield, W. Dawson and Larkin Chew, Junr., mentions grandchildren (no names given) and my daughters Elizabeth and Mary; mentions William Dawson, who has lived with me some years as Overseer, a suit of mourning for his fidelity and kindness to me during my illness. [Page 431]

Records in Virginia

  • Sept. 25, 1758. - Larkin Chew of Spts. County, Gent., and Mary, his wife, of the first part; Joseph Brock and Robt. Chew, Gentlemen, of the second part; John Smith of King and Queen County, Gent., and Mary, his wife, of the third part. Larkin Chew and Mary, his wife, to their daughter, the sd. Mary Smith, etc. Deed of Gift. 1042 a. in Spts. County, part of a pat. granted Harry Beverley, Gent., Decd., Dec. 24, 1723, and by the sd. Beverley devised in his last will and testament to his daughter, the sd. Mary, now the wife of the sd. Larkin Chew. Witnesses, Robt. Goodloe, Jno. Crane, George Stubblefield. Dec. 5, 1758. [Source: Spotsylvania County Records , Page 209].
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