Person:Lambert Dorlandt (1)

m. ABT 1694
  1. Harmtje Dorlandt1695 - BEF 1754
  2. Jan DorlandtABT 1702 - BEF 1732
  3. Antje Dorlandabt 1704 -
  4. Jannetje Dorland1704 - BEF 1743
  5. Gerret Dorlandt1707 - 1774
  6. Abraham Dorlandabt 1709 -
  7. UnkChild DorlandtBEF 1711 - 1711
  8. Lambert Dorlandt1711 - Bet 1771 and 1772
  9. Lena Dorlandtabt 1714 -
  • HLambert Dorlandt1711 - Bet 1771 and 1772
  • WDyna Van Liew - BEF 1735
m. BEF 1730
  1. John DorlandABT 1730 - ABT 1780
  • HLambert Dorlandt1711 - Bet 1771 and 1772
  • WEnjeltje Postest 1715 - BEF 1747
m. abt 1741
  1. Maria Dorlandt1742 - Abt 1810
m. 5 May 1747
  1. Anna Dorlandabt 1748 -
  2. Garret Dorlandabt 1750 - 1820
  3. Dyna Dorland1753 - 1812
Facts and Events
Name[1] Lambert Dorlandt
Gender Male
Birth[2] 1711 , prob Flatbush, , New York,
Alt Birth[1] 1712/13 Harlingen, Somerset, New Jersey, United States
Marriage BEF 1730 to Dyna Van Liew
Marriage abt 1741 New Jersey, United Statesto Enjeltje Post
Marriage 5 May 1747 New Jersey, United Statesto Christina Terhuene
Death[1][2] Bet 1771 and 1772 Harlingen, Somerset, New Jersey, United States
Probate[2] 19 Feb 1772 Somerset, New Jersey, United States
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    The Inventory of Lambert Dorland of SomersetCounty New Jersey 1772

    I am happy to share the following with you.? When the New Jersey Archives redid
    their Archives apparently some paperwork that had been missing was uncovered,
    and in our case this is good news.

    381-Letters of Administration were granted in like manner to John Van Lew on the
    Estate of Lambert Dorland late of the County of Somerset, dec'd, for the usual
    (hard word to read, but it was used consistently for all Letters of
    Administration granted on the page) dated 19 Feb. 1882.

    The Administration of Lambert Dorland had previously existed as did the
    renounciation of John his eldest son, however, the Inventory listed in the New
    Jersey Calendar of Wills was missing.? I decided I would give it one more shot,
    as I ws having very good luck with the documents for other families I was
    working on, so re-requested and I now have the Inventory.

    409-R, May the 6, 1772, filed May 9, 1772.

    Memorandum, An Inventory taken by me John Vanlue, Administrator of the estate of
    Lambert Dorland deceased the following Bonds and goods.

    Three Bonds dated the 9th day of May 1772, The first bond in the possession of
    Hendrick Van Dyke due May the 1 1773, Preport Value L93.1.3/4. Two Bonds, Two
    notes, one Negro birl one mares saddle in the possession of the administrators,
    both bonds bearing the date 9 May 1770. The one due May 1st 774 L100..Prefert
    value L87.6., the Second L100 Due May 1st 1775 prefert value L81.12.16 3/4, One
    note dated the 25 day of April 1771 the 25 day of October last (hard to read)
    the second note dated May 1st 1771, due the 1 Day May Next 1772.

    The Negro girl praised at L15, the saddle L0.12.0.

    One bond in possession of the administer due L70, cash L0.11.3,

    Be it remembered that on the 19th day of February 1772, the administrator John
    Van lew was duly qualified administrator of Lambert Dorland before me? Bowes

    Praised by Gizebert Lane and John Voorhees

    John Vanlew Administrator.