Person:Koquethagechton White Eyes (1)

Koquethagechton , (aka Chief White Eyes)
  1. George Morgan White Eyesabt 1770 - 1798
Facts and Events
Name[1] Koquethagechton , (aka Chief White Eyes)
Alt Name[1] White Eyes
Alt Name[1] George White Eyes
Alt Name[1] Sir William
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1730 probably Pennsylvania
Death[1] Nov 1778 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, United States
Nationality[1] Lenape, Delaware
Reference Number? Q2566892?
Burial[1] unknown

Historical marker

40.2935 ° / -81.7502 ° SR 93 at the intersection of US Rt 36 and Ohio SR 93

"In the early 1770s, Chief White Eyes (Koquechagachton) of the Delaware tribe founded White Eyes Town approximately two miles southeast of this marker on a plain near present day West Lafayette. A friend of the Moravian leader David Zeisberger, White Eyes was an ardent supporter of Moravian missionary efforts and kept the Delawares neutral during the American Revolutionary War. White Eyes's dream was to bring his people under the influence of Christianity. He also hoped to establish a fourteenth state for the Indian nations, which would join the other thirteen. White Eyes died at the height of his career in November 1778 near Pittsburgh. The cause of his death remains open to question."

George Morgan

George Morgan (1743–1810) was a merchant, land speculator, and United States Indian agent during the American Revolutionary War, when he was given the rank of colonel. He negotiated with Lenape and other Native American tribes in western Pennsylvania to gain their support for the Americans during the war. An associate of the Lenape chief White Eyes, Morgan cared for his son George Morgan White Eyes for several years after White Eyes died. (see George Morgan (merchant))

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    White Eyes, named 'Koquethagechton' (c. 1730–5 November 1778), was a leader of the Lenape (Delaware) people in the Ohio Country during the era of the American Revolution. Sometimes known as George White Eyes, or Captain Grey Eyes al. Sir William, his given name in Lenape was rendered in many spelling variations in colonial records.

    By 1773 he was Speaker of the Delaware Head Council and known as one of the most important councilors.<ref></ref> White Eyes was a war chief and a tireless mediator in turbulent times, negotiating the first Indian treaties with the fledgling United States, and always working toward his ultimate of goal of establishing a secure Indian territory. His murder by an American militia officer is believed to have been covered up by United States officials.<ref></ref>

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