Person:Katarina DeTurck (1)

Katarina Bertha DeTurck
m. 17 Sep 1706
  1. Katherine Keim1708 - 1793
  2. Johannes Peter Keim1711 - 1762
  3. Phillip Johannes Keim1711 - 1762
  4. Johannes Peter Keim1710/11 - 1782
  5. Stephen Keim1717 - 1718
  6. Johannes Nicholas Keim1719 - 1802
  7. Elizabeth D. Keim1722/23 - Bef 1764
  8. Johannes Jacob Keim1724 - 1799
Facts and Events
Name Katarina Bertha DeTurck
Alt Name Katharina (or Bertha) DETURK
Alt Name Bertha De Turck
Gender Female
Birth? Abt 1688 Frankenthal, Germany
Alt Birth? 1688 Frankenthal, Plaiz
Alt Marriage 15 Sep 1706 Badento Johannes Hans Keim
Other 15 Sep 1706 Marriage Date?
with Johannes Hans Keim
Marriage 17 Sep 1706 Landau,Speier,Bavarian Palatinate,Germanyto Johannes Hans Keim
Alt Death? 1724 Oley, Berks, Pennsylvania, United States
Death? Bef 1730 Oley Township,Berks County,Pennsylvania
Alt Death? Bef 1731 Berks Co., PA
Other? Katarina MoyerName ?

Alice Marie Beard:

NOTE: There is no original documentation, but many sources list the first wife of Johannes Keim as the sister of Isaac DeTurk. Most sources name her as Katarina; one lists her as Bertha. Two non-primary sources are quoted in "The family of Ada Rose Comer," by Ida DeMay Wilson, 1985, St. Helena, CA, as saying that Johannes' first wife was Katarina DeTurk. "American Ancestry: Giving the Name and Descent, in the Male line, of the Americans Whose Ancestors settled in the United States Previous to the Declaration of Independence," Vol. VII, published 1893, page 222, claims Johannes Keim's first wife was Bertha deTurk, sister of Isaac deTurk.

It should be noted that the church records found in Europe for Isaac DeTurk's siblings show neither a Katarina nor a Bertha. However, Johannes' first wife, regardless of who she was, was likely born about five years after those church records end.

Because of secondary sources, and because it seems to fit, I've assumed Johannes' first wife was a sibling of Isaac deTurk.