Person:Julius Miller (3)

Julius Miller
b.1900 Germany
Facts and Events
Name Julius Miller
Gender Male
Birth? 1900 Germany
Death? 1925 New York City, New York, United States

Rose was living with her Aunt and had a job making tea bags and another scrubbing side walks before marrying Julius Miller.

How Rose & Julius meant:

Rose`s x-boyfriend went for a suit fitting and sat her in front of the store and when ask who she was he denied her as being his girl friend (he said she was a cousin because she did not speak English). So Julius, also the store owner, asked her out. He took her for long walks in the park.

Julius had health problems related to being gased in World War I. He was hospitalized right before his death. Julius`s sister communicated that Rose might be cheating on him so he came home from the hospital and got so angry that he died from a heart attach. - noted by Sadie Miller (Daughter of Julius & Rose)

  1.   Owned 3 Tailor Shops for Men & Women