Person:Julie Nix (1)

Julie E. (422-96-0279) ? NIX
b.Aug 1915
d.1 Mar 1963 Alabama
m. 17 Jun 1900
  1. Arthur S. (418-28-1505) NIX1902 - 1979
  2. Era NIX1908 - 1976
  3. Katie Eudell NIX1913 - 1965
  4. Julie E. (422-96-0279) ? NIX1915 - 1963
  5. Wallace (418-10-0546) NIX1918 - 1974
  6. Howard Lee Nix1921 - 2004
  7. Olie Virgle NIX1926 - 1993
  1. Virginia ALEXANDER - Bef 1958
Facts and Events
Name Julie E. (422-96-0279) ? NIX
Gender Female
Birth? Aug 1915
Marriage to Carl Hesia ALEXANDER
Death? 1 Mar 1963 AlabamaAge: BET 70y, 1m, 18d AND 70y, 2m, 17d
Reference Number? Cousins of Dalton J. Nix Keyword
Reference Number? Descencants of Jennings NIX Keyword
Reference Number? Jennings NIX Descendants Keyword
Reference Number? JenningsNIX Descendants Keyword

JULIA ALEXANDER Request Information

SSN 422-96-0279 Residence:

Born 15 Apr 1920 Last Benefit:

Died Jun 1990 Issued: AL (1975)

JULIA ALEXANDER Request Information

SSN 416-36-8217 Residence: 40299 Louisville, Jefferson, KY

Born 18 Oct 1903 Last Benefit:

Died Sep 1986 Issued: AL (Before 1951)

JULIA ALEXANDER Request Information

SSN 424-28-4814 Residence: 75401 Greenville, Hunt, TX

Born 26 Nov 1891 Last Benefit:

Died Sep 1983 Issued: AL (Before 1951)

BYNUM BOOK; Julia NIX: s. Hesia ALEXANDER: 1. Maris ALEXANDER: 2. Virginia ALEXANDER: Died: BEF 1958. 3. Gary ALEXANDER:

1930 census, Alabama, Etowah County, Altoona not city, District #55, page 5 of 5, family #42 Worrior Road, NIX, James, Head, O, yes, M, W, 49, M, 19, no, yes, Al, Al, Al, line #5 Fannie, Wife-H, X, F, W, 46, M, 16, no, yes, Al, Al, Al, Savola, daughter, X, F, W, 20, S, no, yes, Al, Al, Al, Katie, Daughter, X, f, W, 17, S. yes, yes, Al, Al, Al, Julia, Daughter, X, F, W, 13, S., yes, yes, Al, Al, Al, Wallace, Son, X, M, W, 11, S, yes, yes, Al, Al, Al, Howard, Son, X, M, W, 10, S. no, Al, Al, Al, Ollie, son, x, M, W, 5, S., no, Al, Al, Al, Hurshell, son, X, M, W, 1 1/12, S. no, Al. , Al, Al,

The SSDI record for Julia is suspect, and does not agree with the census record. Census record would suggest a 1917 birth.

a. Fannie Humphries married James R. Nix. They have nine children. (1) Arthur Nix married Verdia Wilemon. They have three children: Ether, who married Lucile Fulenwiden; Nathan, who married Barbara Fulenwider and they have three children: Phillip Catherine and Jane, and Savola, who married Reuben McGlaughn and they have three children: Ruby Mae, Davis (dec.), and Clarence. (2) J. C. Nix (m. Nancy McGlaughn -- four children: Lestern, Esibee, Gerald, Elton, and Shirley). (3) Era Nix (m. Robert Cone--eight children: Verble, Annabell, Helen, Hazel, Loretta, Fred, Nadine, and Arvel, deceased). (4) Katie Nix (m. Cancel Wood, deceased--two children, James Edward and Larry; later m. John M. Cashner--one daughter: Vonia).

(5) Julia Nix (m. Hesia Alexander--three children, Maris Virginia, deceased, and Gary).
(6) Wallace Nix (m. Eunice Hyde--three children:  Junior, Ronia Jean, and Patricia). (7) Howard Lee Nix (m. Merle Hyde--three children:  James A., Kenneth and Vickie). (8) Olie Virgie Nix (m. Myrtle Pugh--two children:  Bonnie Mae and Diane). (9) Herschel Nix (m. Mary Afford--one son:  Bobby).