Person:Julia Farrell (2)

Julia Mary Farrell
m. 27 Jun 1875
  1. John Joseph Farrell1876 -
  2. Julia Mary Farrell1877 - 1926
  3. Margaret Farrell1878 - 1926
  4. Maria Farrell1880 -
  5. Catherine Farrell1881 -
  6. Michael Farrell1883 -
  7. Rosanna Farrell1883 - 1883
  8. William Farrell1885 - 1926
  9. Rosanna Farrell1887 -
  10. Christina Josephine Farrell1889 - 1890
Facts and Events
Name Julia Mary Farrell
Gender Female
Birth[1] 8 May 1877 Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland
Christening[1] 14 May 1877 Dublin, County Dublin, IrelandSs. Michael & John
Census[2] 31 Mar 1901 Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland19 Stephen Street
Census[3] 2 Apr 1911 Rathgar, Rathfarnham, County Dublin, Ireland4 Abercorn Terrace
Death[4] 24 Mar 1926 Dublin, County Dublin, IrelandGrangegorman Mental Hospital

Julia Farrell was born on 8th May 1877 in Dublin, daughter of Rosanna Farrell, formerly Reid, husband John Farrell, a tailor. The couple had ten children, but Julia appears to have been one of only three to survive childhood. Her father John appears to have died some time before 1901, as the census that year finds Julia with her widowed mother and two siblings. Julia was working as a cashier. By 1911, Julia had moved to 4 Abercorn Terrace, Harold's Cross Road (later renumbered as 297 Harold's Cross Road) in the Rathmines area to the south of the city. Here she was working as a 'Lady Clerk D.B.C.', although it is not clear what D.B.C. stood for. Living with her in the 1911 census was her mother's sister Maria, who was on a visit from New York where she had been living since the 1880s.

Julia appears to have died in 1926. Certainly her brother William's obituary of June 1926 refers to the fact that William's two sisters had both died recently, with the most likely death for Julia being on 24th March 1926 at the Grangegorman Mental Hospital in Dublin, who was described as a domestic servant of Monkstown Park in Monkstown, and had been suffering with delirious mania for eleven days. She was 48 years old.

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    Name: Julia Mary Farrell
    Born: 8 May 1877
    Baptised: 14 May 1877, Ss. Michael & John, Dublin
    Address: 19 Upper Stephen St
    Father: John Farrell
    Mother: Rosanna Reed
    Sponsors: Michael Reed & Margaret Farrell

  2. Census Office. Ireland Census 1901. (National Archives of Ireland), County: City of Dublin / Parish: St Peter / Ward: Royal Exchange / Street: Stephens Street / Schedule: 19, 31 Mar 1901.

    Form A (about the family):
    Rosanna Farrell, head, Roman Catholic, Can Read & write, 40 [1860/1], female, Machinist Tailor, widow, born Dublin, speaks English
    Julia Farrell, daughter, Roman Catholic, Can Read & write, 21 [1879/80], female, Cashier, not married, born Dublin, speaks English
    Margaret Farrell, daughter, Roman Catholic, Can Read & write, 19 [1881/2], female, Shop Assistant, not married, born Dublin, speaks English
    William Farrell, son, Roman Catholic, Can Read & write, 14 [1886/7], male, Scholar, not married, born Dublin, speaks Irish & English
    Form B (about the house):
    Shop & Tenement
    No out-offices
    Walls of stone, brick or concrete
    Roof of slate, iron or tile
    9 rooms
    7 windows in front of house
    3 families in house
    Rosanna Farrell's household occupying 3 rooms (a John McKenna's family occupying 5 rooms and a Teresa Hall occupying one room)

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    Address: 4 Abercorn Terrace, Harold's Cross Road, Rathgar, Rathfarnham, County Dublin
    Form A (about the people):
    Julia May O'Farrell, Head, Catholic, Read & write, female, 34 [1876/7], Lady Clerk D.B.C., Single, born Dublin City, Speaks English
    Marie Kelly, Aunt, Catholic, Read, female, 55 [1855/6], married 7 years, 5 children born, 5 still living, born Downpatrick, Speaks English
    Robert Joseph May, Boarder, Catholic, Read & write, male, 20 [1890/1], Student of Medicine College Surgeon, single, born County Louth, speaks Irish & English

  4. Deaths register, in General Register Office of Ireland. Civil Registration.

    1926 DEATHS Registered in the District of No. 3 North City in the Union of Dublin in the County of City of Dublin
    No. 335
    Date and Place of Death: 1926 Twenty fourth March, Grangegorman Mental Hospital
    Name and Surname: Julia Farrell of Monkstown Park, Monkstown
    Sex: F
    Condition: Spinster
    Age last Birthday: 42 years
    Rank, Profession, or Occupation: Domestic Servant
    Certified Cause of Death and Duration of Illness: Acute delerious Mania 11 days Heart failure 3 days certified
    Signature, Qualification, and Residence of Informant: Mary O'Beirne, Inmate, Grangegorman Mental Hospital
    When Registered: Twenty fifth March 1926
    Signature of Registrar: M.S. Walsh, Registrar

    Julia's brother William's obituary from June 1926 refers to the fact that both his sisters in Ireland had recently died within a short time of each other. There appear to be three plausible Julia Farrell or O'Farrell deaths, which are all in the Dublin area:
    d. Julia Mary Farrell, 18 Nov 1925, Dublin South, aged 29 [1895/6] - spinster, daughter of rate collector, informant Lily Farrell of Clonaboy, Westfield Road
    *d. Julia Farrell, 24 Mar 1926, Dublin North, aged 42 [1883/4] - spinster, domestic servant
    d. Julia Farrell, 28 Aug 1926, Dublin South, aged 39 [1886/7] - wife of a labourer
    The labourer's wife can be ruled out, whilst the rate collector's daughter seems unlikely on the grounds that both Julia's parents were tailors. The domestic servant therefore appears most likely by a process of elimination.
    The possibility that Julia may have married after the 1911 census has also been considered, but no likely marriage found. The three Julia Farrell marriages in the Dublin area between 1911 and 1926 can all be discounted:
    m. Robert Reilly & Julia Farrell, 10 Nov 1912, Dublin North - she was daughter of Thomas Farrell, postman
    m. John O'Keeffe & Julia Farrell, 25 May 1919, Dublin South - she was daughter of Ed. Farrell, deceased
    m. James West & Julia Farrell, 23 Nov 1922, Dublin - she was a widow, daughter of Andrew Harris