Person:Josiah McDowell (1)

Josiah McDowell
d.Bef 4 Jun 1838 Bourbon County, Kentucky
  1. Robert McDowellEst 1739 -
  2. William McDowellEst 1741 -
  3. Samuel McDowellEst 1743 -
  4. Jeaney McDowellAbt 1745 -
  5. Sarah McDowellEst 1749 -
  6. Daniel McDowellAbt 1751 - Bef 1836
  7. Josiah McDowellEst 1753 - Bef 1838
  8. Archibald McDowellAbt 1755 - 1813
  9. Mary Ann McDowellEst 1758 - 1841
  10. Hannah McDowellEst 1760 -
  • HJosiah McDowellEst 1753 - Bef 1838
  • WJane CurryAbt 1775 -
m. 26 Sep 1793
Facts and Events
Name Josiah McDowell
Gender Male
Birth[1] Est 1753 prob. Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage 26 Sep 1793 Bourbon, Kentucky, United Statesto Jane Curry
Other[1] 10 May 1813 Bourbon, Kentucky, United Statesgives deposition
Death? Bef 4 Jun 1838 Bourbon County, Kentucky

Will Abstract

WILL of Josiah McDowell of Bourbon County, Kentucky, dated 4 Sep 1832 and proved 4 Jun 1838 which names the following:
(1) Josiah McDowell to be buried "in the Place I have marked out beside my beloved wife." [It sounds as though Josiah McDowell intends to be buried somewhere on his own property.]
(2) daughter Hannah Jackson, wife of Samuel Jackson, received one dollar "having heretofore given her a full portion of my Estate both Real and personal." Bourbon County marriage records list their marriage: "Hannah McDowell and Samuel Jackson married at Bourbon County, Ky., 5 Feb 1795." From: Jordan R. Dodd, Comp., Kentucky Marriages Early to 1800 (Bountiful, Utah: Precision Indexing, 1990) unpaged.
(3) daughter Sarah Ramesey, wife of William Ramesey received one dollar "having heretofore given her a full portion of my Estate both Real and personal,"
(4) daughter Nancy Piper, [probable wife of William Piper--see Kentucky Marriages Early to 1800, unpaged--according to this source, "Agness" McDowell married William Piper in Bourbon Co., KY., on 28 May 1799]. She received one dollar "having heretofore given her a full portion of my Estate both real and personal," [Josiah McDowell's will does not name her husband],
(5) daughter Eupheney [Euphemia?] Sodowsky, wife of Isaac Sodowsky one dollar "having heretofore given her a full portion of my estate both real and personal"
(6) daughter Jane Sodowsky, wife of Abram Sodowsky, one dollar "having heretofore given her a full portion of my Estate both real and personal"
(7) son Samuel McDowell, one dollar, having heretofore given him a full portion of my estate both real and personal; Samuel's three children are named as legatees contingent upon son James and daughter Elizabeth dying without heirs :
Samuel McDowell's children:
i. Nelay Ailcey McDowell
ii. Harvey McDowell
iii. Josiah McDowell
minor grandsons, James McDowell and William McDowell, sons of (8) (8) deceased son William McDowell, one hundred dollars each testator now lives
(9) son James McDowell, Executor and residual legatee
(10) daughter Elizabeth McDowell, real estate--one half of the farm on which the testator now lives.
[Of the above-named children of Josiah McDowell, neither Elizabeth nor James had any children at the time the will was drawn. Elizabeth was not married.]
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