Person:Joseph Street (1)

  1. Joseph Street1775 - 1815
m. 1798
  1. James Anderson Street1805 - 1888
Facts and Events
Name Joseph Street
Gender Male
Birth? 1775 Henry, Georgia, United States
Marriage 1798 Georgia, United Statesto Nancy Lucinda Keys
Death? 22 March 1815 On the Steamboat Vesuvius, en route from New Orleans, Louisiana to Natchez, Mississippi
Burial? Washington, Mississippi, United States

Joseph Street was born about 2775, in Henry County, Virginia, and married about 1798, in Georgia, to Nancy Lucinda Key. Nancy was the daughter of John Waller Key and his wife, the former Jenny Wade. On 5 December 1809, he bought 133 acres of land on "the waters of Sandy" in Jackson County, Georgia, from John Waller and Jenny Key for $66.00. On 19 February 1810, he was commissioned to "view and mark out a road from John McElhannon's bridge to Jefferson, Georgia." Some time between 1810 and 1814, he left Jackson County, Georgia, and went to Lincoln County, Tennessee. On 7 April 1814, he was granted 100 acres of land on Coldwater Creek, a branch of the Elk River, in Lincoln County. And on 7 May 1814, he bought 100 acres from Thomas Whitworth of Coldwater Creek, for $130.00.

He enlisted as a private in the Tennessee Militia, under "Old Hickory" Jackson, during the War of 1812, and was in the Battle of New Orleans.

Joseph Street died on 22 March 1815, on his way home from the Battle of New Orleans. He was buried in Washington, the first capital of Mississippi. Several oaths were presented by Lucinda to document his death in her claim for a pension.

NASHVILLE, May 18th 1816: I certify that Joseph Street, Private, in my division of Tennessee Militia and performed acts of duty of _____ months and nine days in the service of the United States – that his good conduct, _____ and valor under the most trying hardships entitle him to the gratitude of this county; and he is hereby Honorably discharged. (Signed: Wm. Carroll; Major-General, () Division; Tennessee Militia)

STATE OF TENNESSEE COUNTY OF LINCOLN: Personally came before me, William C. Abel, one of the justices of the Peace for said county, Timothy Stamps, and being duly sworn saith on oath that he was present and witnessed thereof when Lucinda Street, widow of Joseph Street, deceased, was lawfully married according to law. Sworn to and subscribed the 10th day of August 1818. (Test: Wm. C. Abel); (Signed: Timothy Stamps).

STATE OF TENNESSEE COUNTY OF LINCOLN: Michael Robison and personally appeared before me, Robert __________, an acting Justice of the Peace for said county and made oath that Joseph Street (as they believe) is dead, that no administration has been had on his estate, that he died without a will and that Lucinda Street is the lawful widow of the deceased. Sworn to before me this 10th day of June 1816. (Robert _______); (Michael Robinson / John Caruthers).

16 January 1819, Fayetteville, Tennessee: Dear Sir: Enclosed is the papers relative to the situation of Lucindy Street, the widow of Joseph Street who died while in the service of US in March 1815. Please to favor her with your interest in getting her name placed on the pension list, and advise me of your success as soon as possible. It is at her request that I trouble you with the business, but I feel much pleasure in doing any thing toward procuring her relief believing as I do that h—w------ requires, and that she merits the relief which government enterist ‘s to others in her situation. I am sincerely your friend, (Thomas Claiborne) (Signed: Francis Porterfield)

STATE OF TENNESSEE COUNTY OF LINCOLN: This day personally came before me William Obediah Waller, and made oath that Joseph Street late of said county was drafted as a Militia Man on the 10th day of November 1814 and was under the command of said Waller as Captain in the 1st regiment of Tennessee Militia in Maj. Genl. Carroll’s Division in the service of the United States – and on the 15th day of March 1815 the said Joseph Street was put on board of a steam boat at Camp Henderson near New Orleans (he being sick) in order to be brought up the river to Natchez, which is the last he know of said Street, but report says he died on his way to Natchez. Sworn to & subscribed the 9th Dec, 1818. (Wm Dickson, JP); (Signed: Obadiah Waller, Capt. 1st T. T. M.) Note: Died 3rd April 1815.