Person:Joseph Phelps (43)

Joseph Hiram PHELPS, [PS]
b.1802-1803 Vermont?
m. ABT 1801
  1. Joseph Hiram PHELPS, [PS]1802-1803 -
  2. Louise PHELPS, [PD]1806 -
  3. Eliza Hier PHELPS1808 - 1885
  4. Maria PHELPS1817 - 1851
  5. William Lacy PHELPS1825 - 1860
  6. Thomas Root PHELPS1827 - 1905
  7. John PHELPS, [TS]1830-1835 -
  • HJoseph Hiram PHELPS, [PS]1802-1803 -
  • W____ UNKNOWN1810-1815 -
m. ABT 1830
  1. Son1 PHELPS1830-1835 -
  2. Son2 PHELPS1835-1840 -
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Joseph Hiram PHELPS, [PS]
Gender Male
Birth? 1802-1803 Vermont?
Marriage ABT 1830 to ____ UNKNOWN

Based on analysis of census data for 1810 Fayette Co, showing one male, under age 10 with Stephen Phelps, in Brownsville. The 1820 census also shows a son in the 18-25 group (none inthe 16-18 group), which pins down his birth year a little tighter, to 1802-1803. The cutoff of 1802 is based on Stephen and Lucinda not being married as of 1800 (apparently, since I can find her with Thomas Torrance in 1800), and giving them a year or so to start having kids.

The search for this possible son of Stephen Phelps produced nothing for western Pennsylvania inthe 1830 timeframe. Instead, I turned my attention to Ohio, and especially Hamilton County, since around 1850 Edward Phelps showed up there and ended up dying. The 1830 census shows a Joseph Phelps living in the Mill Creek neighborhood, with a consistent age group (20-30) and a wife. The 1840 census for that part of Hamilton County shows a Hiram Phelps living there. The presence of several of the same neighbors as in 1830 leads me to believe that this is the same Phelps, especially since the age groupings are consistent (i.e, advance ten years for the adults, add children). The name Hiram is consistent with a brother of Lucinda. Also, Joseph is a name of one of her uncles. For now, I will carry a Joseph Hiram Phelps as a possible son. I cannot find him in the 1850 census, where I might have been able to pin down state of birth, and the names of his wife and children.

1830 census, Ohio, Hamilton Co, Mill Creek Twp: Joseph Phelps: 00001-0001

1840 census, Ohio, Hamilton Co, Mill Creek Twp: Hiram Phelps: 110001-00011 male b. 1835-1840 male b. 1830-1835 male b. 1800-1810 female b. 1820-1825 female b. 1810-1820

neighbors are the same as 1830 who is the female age 15-20 in this family?,

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