Person:Joseph Nix (1)

Joseph Edward (Joe) NIX
m. 9 Feb 1888
  1. Preston Jethro (PJ?) NIX1889 - 1934
  2. Joseph Edward (Joe) NIX1890 - 1936
  3. Eula D. (Mead) NIX1893 - Aft 1930
  4. Fannie E. (417-70-0388) NIX1894 - 1974
  5. Rosa C. NIX1896 - 1930
  6. Mary E. NIX1898 - 1974
m. Abt 1909
  1. Gladys Estelle NIX1910 - 1995
  2. Era Odessa (423-46-0565) NIX1911 - 1977
  3. Ovie L. (420-01-0556) NIX1912 - 1972
  4. Myrtle Iris NIX1914 - 1945
  5. Carl (Rev) (420-14-2720) NIX1916 - 1962
  6. Wilie Jay (422-74-0586) NIX1918 - 1988
  7. Lola May NIX1921 - 1999
  8. Howard (Happy) (420-18-6092) NIX1922 - 1990
  9. Hoyt NIX1930 - 1930
  10. Ruby Jo NIX1932 - 1983
  11. Mildred Ilene NIX1934 - 2000
  12. Jewel Eugenia NIX1935 - 1939
Facts and Events
Name Joseph Edward (Joe) NIX
Gender Male
Birth? 5 Mar 1890 Altoona, Etowah County, Alabama
Marriage Abt 1909 Altoona, Etowah County, Alabamato Willie Annie MITCHELL
Death? 22 Dec 1936 Winnville, Alabama (age 46Y 9M 23D)Age: 46Y 9M 23D
Reference Number? Cousins of Dalton J. Nix Keyword
Reference Number? Descencants of Jennings NIX Keyword
Reference Number? Jennings NIX Descendants Keyword
Reference Number? JenningsNIX Descendants Keyword

Cited in the Alabama Death Records; Vol 56,Cert. xxx, Role 3, Page 27871.

Winnville appears on old (1950) map of Alabama. It is shown located about 12 miles to the west of Altoona and two miles South of Snead Cross Roads. It appears that is is very near to, and on the South Bank of the Locus Fork of the Warrior river. I do not think that Winnville exist today as a town. WRONG! I have found it on a detail map, located at the intersection of Blount County road # 34 which runs East, West and Blount County Road #36 which runs North South. It is approximately 5 miles due South of Snead and 1 mile East of Susan Moore. It is shown with the same size type as Ellison Crossroads, which has one house and a cemetary with 11 graves.

Listed on the1920 Census; Alabama, Etowah County, District 118 Altoona, image 17 of 25 family # 179 on line at <www.ancestry .com>. NIX, Joe E., Head, rents, M,W, 29, M., reads and writes both yes. Occupation, Coal Minner Wynnville Cemetery

Township 11 South, Range 2 East, Section 14

Location: At Wynnville, 3 miles SW of Snead Crossroads on Highway 75, then 1 1/2 miles East on Highway 34, Blount County, Alabama

Nix, Joe, 5 Mar 1890 � 22 Dec 1936; SS Annie Nix

Nix, Joseph (46) 12-24-36 Obituaries Taken From The Southern Democrat, Blount County, Alabama 1915 - 1940 Nix, Joseph (46) 12-24-36


Name Age Date Listed

Joseph Nix 46 12-24-1936

Nix, Joseph � View Image Online � Age: 30 Year: 1920 � Birthplace: AL Roll: T625_3 � Race: W Page: 7B � State: Alabama ED: 1 � County: Blount Image: 593 � Township: Calverts

1900 Census Alabama Etowah County, Union/Wasrrior, <www.Ancestry,Com>. The entire Nix family is living along this road, James Russell as a servent to the Humphries, Daniel with only Audie, Louisa P, With all of the children except Grover, after Harrison died. Nannie Nix, Widdow of David S. with all of her family, and Daniel with Nancy his second wife.

1910 shows Namie apparently living in the same house with Jethro age 21 and Single, Fannie 16 and single, Rosa 14 and single, Mary 12 and single

1930 Census, I have not been able to find this family .

Nix, Annie, 5 Sep 1891 � 13 Feb 1962; SS Joe Nix

Nix, Hoyt, 7 May 1930 � 5 Jun 1930

Nix, Jewel, 13 Dec 1935 � 29 Jul 1939

Nix, Joe, 5 Mar 1890 � 22 Dec 1936; SS Annie Nix Wynnville Cemetery

Township 11 South, Range 2 East, Section 14

Location: At Wynnville, three miles Southwest of Snead Crossroads on Highway 75, then one and a half miles East on County Road 34, Blount County, Alabama

Originally surveyed by Jack V. Horton and Ralph H. Allred families on 12 Aug 1964; completely resurveyed by Robin Sterling 18 May 2002

Decoration Day: 3rd Sunday in May

White Roll: 1509384 DraftBoard: 0


Registration Card 9 Joseph Edmond Nix age 27 Rt #1 Altoona Etowah County Ala March 5 1890naural Born Precent #20 Etowah County, Ala Farming, Farming for myself Precent #20 Etowah County Wife and five children all under 12 Married White None none none, none

yes for support of wife and children, 

Joseph Edmond Nix (writing is very poor, almost unreadable)

Med height, Stout build eyes dark blue, hair dark brown, no no James D. Silvey 20 precinct Etowah Alabama june 5 1917

World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 Record about Joseph Edmond Nix Name: Joseph Edmond Nix City: Not Stated County: Etowah State: Alabama Birthplace: Alabama Birth Date: 5 Mar 1890 Race: White Roll: 1509384 DraftBoard: 0


Registration Card Joseph Edmond Nix Altoona, Etowah County, March 5 1890 Natural born Precinct #20 Etowah County, Ala Farming Farming for my self Preinct #20 Etowah County, Ala. Wife and 5 children all under 5 married,White none, none, Yes for support of my wife and children. signed: Joseph Edmound Nix. The clerk filled the information and Joseph only signed his name. After reiewing all registration cards I noted that Joseph and my grandfather Daniel must have made the trip to Gadsden together. Also both were served by clerk James D. Silvey. After checking records I have determined that he was the brother-in-law of Daniel. He married the older sister of Daniel's wife Francis Margaret Foster. I belive that he filed the form from his knolwledge of the family without asking questions and that grandfather did not want to embrase him with the corrections. He also misspelled my grandfathers middle name.

Physical features: Height - Medium, Build - Stout, Eyes - Dark Blue, Hair - Dark Brown no James D. Silvey Precinct 20, Etowah Alabama June 5, 1917

Joseph Edmond Nix 5 Mar 1890 White AL Not Stated, Etowah, AL Joseph Edward (Joe) Nix was was the first son of David S. Nix and Nancy J. McClendon, The grandson of Daniel Nix and Elizabeth Ann Holden and the great grandson of Jennings Nix and Lucinda Alexander. First I will give my theory of how a name could be misspelled on such an important legal document. By comparing their records I have determined that Joseph and my grandfather, Daniel Cylvester Nix traveled together from Altoona to Gadsden and appeared before the same clerk on the same day. The clerk was James D. Silvey and he was my grandfather's brother-in-law , having married the older sister of my grandmother. The procedure in all of these registration cases seems to have been for the clerk to question the individual and then to fill out the entries and have the individual sign the card. In this case I think Mr Silvey filled in the card from his own knowledge of the family and misspelled the middle name of both Joseph and Daniel . I think that they both were intimated by Mr. Silveys' advance education and were embarrassed to correct this older member of the family. Both Joseph and Daniel made labored attempts to sign their signature to conform with the error Mr Silvey had made. Joseph Edward appears on most records as Joe E. Nix. He was born in an area of the new Etowah County known as Warrior River Valley. After he returned from the Civil war Joe's grandfather Daniel had the local Post Office in his home and the area appears on some maps as the community of NIX, Alabama. By 1920 he was renting in Altoona and working in the coal mines. Soon after that he obtained property at Winnville a community about 10 miles West of Altoona, where he moved his wife and family. He had married Willie Annie Mitchell about 1908. He died in 1936 at the early age of 46 and left 14 children. The registration card was signed on June 5, 1917 and Joseph was showed to be a farmer with a wife and five children, "all under the age of 5". It does not seem that he stayed in the coal mines for long. His physical characteristics were listed as: Height - Medium, Build - Stout, Eyes - Dark Blue, Hair -, Dark Brown.

Census > U.S. Census > 1900 United States Federal Census > Alabama > Etowah > Warrior > District 163, image 1 of 7., line 97, 97/97, Nix, Nannie J., Hea, W, F, Sept 187128, Wd, 6,6, AL,

    , Preston J. Son, W, M, Jan, 1889, 11, S, AL, 
    , Joe E, Son, W, M, Mar 1890, 10. S. AL> 
    , Oula D., Daughter, W, F, Mar 1893, &, S, AL> 

1900 United States Federal Census Record about Preston Nix Name: Preston Nix Home in 1900: Warrior, Etowah, Alabama Age: 11 Estimated birth year: 1889 Birthplace: Alabama Race: White Relationship to head-of-house: Son Occupation: View Image