Person:Joseph Morrow (2)

Joseph Morrow
d.30 NOV 1835 Chester Co, SC
  1. Joseph Morrow1760 - 1835
  2. David* Morrow1762 - 1843
  3. Robert MorrowABT 1765 -
  4. Thomas Morrow1765 - 1846
  • HJoseph Morrow1760 - 1835
  • WJane WylieABT 1765 - AFT 1835
  1. John Alexander Morrow1796 - BEF 1870
  2. William W. MorrowABT 1799 -
  3. Joseph Morrow1801 - 1885
  4. David Morrow1804 - 1872
Facts and Events
Name Joseph Morrow
Gender Male
Birth? 1760
Will[1] 2 AUG 1831 Chester Co, SC
Death[1] 30 NOV 1835 Chester Co, SC
Burial? Fishing Creek Presbyterian, Chester Co, SC

DNA of descendant matches 25/25 with descendants of David m. Margaret Kelso and Thomas m. Janet McCarter, also considered sons of David m. Agnes.

Thought he was born in Ireland in 1760 (see below), but one researcher notes that he “appeared to be somewhat senile” when he made that statement in 1832.

From Janean Ray:

A revolutionary soldier, severely wounded at the battle of Hanging Rock. Applied for a pension 19 Dec 1832 due to the injury he suffered at the battle of Hanging Rock, at which time it was believed, him to be 72 yrs of age. In this document, he states, "I was born, as I have been told, in the kingdome of Ireland, County of Antrim, in the year 1760"....."I have no record of my age"...."I was living in the State of South Carolina, then Craven County, now Chester District when called into service and have lived in the same plave ever since, and live there now,"....etc.

Joseph Morrow made a will, dated 8-2-1831, which was probated 12-1-1835, in which he names his wife, Jane; and his four daughters: Sarah White, Betsey Wylie, Jane Wylie, and Polly Thomas; sons: Joseph Morrow, William W. Morrow, and David Morrow. (a son, John is not named in the will, but family members list such a son, who may have married prior to the will and settlement aready made with him).

In his will he stated that his son, Joseph Morrow (Jr.) was to receive "the west end or side of my plantation......" "provided he, the said Joseph Morrow provides his mother, Jane, with a comfortable support during her natural life, either with him or with any of her other children she chooses to live with or where she chooses to live and to support her horse beast if she chooses to keep one."


  • 1790 Chester Co, SC: one male over 16, three under 16; three females (p. 178)
  • 1800 Chester Co, SC: two males under 10, one 26-44; two females under 10; two females 10-15; one female 26-44 (p. 87).
  • 1810 Chester Co, SC: Jos Morrow two males under 10; two 10-15; one male over 45; two females under 10; one 10-15; two 16-25; one 45+ (p. 281).
  • 1820 Chester Co, SC: Jos Morrow: one male 16-18; two 18-26, one 45+; one female 16-26; one female 45+ (p. 100)
  • 1830 Chester Co, SC: J. Morrow: 2 males 20-30; one male 70-80; one female 15-20; one female 60-70 (p. 297).  
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