Person:Joseph Love (16)

Joseph Edwin Love
b.19 Dec 1834 York Co, SC
  1. Andrew Love1830 -
  2. Samuel Love1833 - 1894
  3. Joseph Edwin Love1834 - 1904
  4. Nancy Elizabeth Love1837 - 1915
  5. Margaret Love1838 - 1915
  6. William R Love1839 - 1921
  7. Mary Jane Love1841 - 1921
  8. Sarah Adline Love1847 - 1910
  9. Louisa Isabella Love1848 - 1901
Facts and Events
Name[1] Joseph Edwin Love
Gender Male
Birth[1] 19 Dec 1834 York Co, SC
Marriage to Martha Watson Robinson
Death[1] 2 Jan 1904 Osborn, Okibbeha, MS
Burial[1][2] Odd Fellows Cemetery, Okibbeha Co, MS

At age 21 (abt 1855) purchased land in Chotaw County, MS. Relocated to Oktibbeeha County, MS in 1878. He purchased 500 acres near the community of Osborn, several miles East of Starksville, MS. He enlisted as a private May 5th, 1861 in Company Nine, 15th Mississippi Infantry. He served 12 months and was discharged disabled. His right arm was shattered by a mini-ball at the Battle of Fishing Creek akaThe Battle of Millers Pond. The most common name is The Battle of Logan's Crossroads, near Fishing Creek, Kentucky. He re-enlisted eight months later as a private in Foris Company, Perries Regiment and Ferguson's Brigade. He was elected to lieutenant and later promoted to the rank of captain, which he held until the end of the war. He was remembered by his family as "Captain Love." Joseph was a Mason, member of the Farmers Alliance serving as a lectureer and member of the Presbyterian Church in the Osborn Community serving as an elder for many years. He also served as president of the County Board of Supervisors in Oktibbeha County.

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