Person:Joseph Clutchey (1)

Joseph Clutchey
m. Abt 6 Feb 1827
  1. Josette ClutcheyAbt 1826 - 1900
  2. Rosalie Clutchey1827 -
  3. Mary ClutcheyAbt 1841 - 1920
  4. John Clutchey1842 - 1874
  5. Joseph Clutchey1845 - 1900
  6. Elizabeth ClutcheyAbt 1847 -
  7. Mary ClutcheyAbt 1848 - 1905
  8. Israel ClutcheyAbt 1851 - 1894
m. 8 May 1864
  1. Joseph Clutchey1865 - 1920
  2. Francis Clutchey1867 - 1950
  3. Peter Alexander Clutchey1869 - 1928
  4. Sarah Jane Clutchey1871 - 1929
  5. Frederick A. Clutchey1873 - 1964
  6. John George Clutchey1873 -
  7. Gertrude Elizabeth Clutchey1875 - 1957
  8. Israel Clutchey1877 - 1877
  9. James Henry Clutchey1878 - 1950
  10. Rosella P. Clutchey1880 - 1950
  11. Charlotte Priscilla Clutchey1882 - 1885
  12. Thomas Edward Clutchey1884 - Bef 1885
  13. David Clutchey1886 - Abt 1957
  14. Louis Clutchey1888 - 1960
  15. Stafford Clutchey1891 - 1893
Facts and Events
Name Joseph Clutchey
Alt Name Joseph Cloutier
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 26 Feb 1845 Dunham, Missisquoi, Canada East, Canada
Marriage 8 May 1864 Beaverton, Ontario, Canada West, CanadaSt. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church
to Mary Jane Gerow
Death[3][4] 18 Jan 1900 Mara, Ontario, Ontario, Canada
Burial[3] Aft 18 Jan 1900 St. Andrew's Roman Catholic Church Cemetery, Brechin, Ontario, Ontario, Canada
Other? Note: Link: Http://Www.Naples.Net/~Clutchey/Josephc.Htm
Reference Number? 5289


Joseph Cloutier (Clutchey) was the son of Jean Francois Cloutier and Charlotte Salois. He was born in Dunham, Quebec and baptized in Iberville Queb ec on the 18th of May 1845.While it is uncertain when the Cloutiers moved to Ontario, the census of 1861 show Joseph to be in Borelia with his parents and he was listed as 17 years of age at that time. It is further thought that he was working with his sister Mary in the home of Benjamin Crandell .

On May 8 1864 Joseph married Mary Jane Gerow who was born in May 6th, 1847. Joseph ws 20 years old at the time and Mary Jane was 17. The marriage took place in St. Joseph's church in Beaverton. Witnesses were Josette, Joseph's sister and Frank LaChapelle, Josettes's husband. After their marriage Joseph and Mary Jane lived in Borelia. As their children were born all of the baptisms had to be registered in Beaverton's St. Joseph church.

Mary Jane Gerow and Joseph Cloutier (Clutchey): A Portion of a Stained glass window in St Andrew's Catholic church in Brechin, Ontario honouring Mary Jane and Joseph

The Wedding Photo of Frank Clutchey (second eldest son of Joseph Clutchey and Mary Jane Gerow) taken June 13 1894. The actual one room shack the Joseph Clutchey family first lived in when they came to Brechin. Photo: by Dave Clutchey Aug 2000

The Family of Mary Jane Gerow

We know little of the background of Mary Jane Gerow. Her father's name was Paul and her Mother, Priscilla. She had two brothers, Heman and Oliver and two sisters Armene and Caroline who married an Antoine Oak. Their origin appears to have been Lower Canada, (Quebec), since Paul, Priscilla and Heman were listed in the census of 1861 as being born there. All were Roman Catholics.

The Children of Mary Jane Gerow and Joseph Cloutier I ( Clutchey ) Joseph II: Born 5 April 1865 in Borelia, He married Mary Koster on Jan. 28 1895 in the St. Patrick's church in Toronto. He died in 1920 and is buried in Sacred Heart Cemetery in Mazenod, Saskatchewan.

Francis: Born in Orillia 1867, On June 18 1894 he married Mary Susanna (Polly) Woods. Both Francis (d.1950) and Polly (d.1943) are buried in St. Andrew's Cem. in Brechin, Ont.

Peter Alexander: He was born in Borelia (1869-1928). He married Mary Lundy (d. 1946) in Beaverton July 13 1896. Both are buried in the Mount Hope Cemetery in Toronto

Sarah Jane: Born 1871 in Borelia. She married Ed Clapp Oct 29 1891. She di d 1929.

Anthony Frederick: Fred was born in Borelia Feb 25 1873. Feb 16 1904 He married Flora McRae ( 1878- 1941) in St. Andrew's church in Brechin. Both Fred and Flora are buried in Burnaby BC.

Gertrude Elizabeth: Born Borelia 1875 she died 1957. She married Sylvanus Joseph Copeman March 1 1905. Her second marriage was to Otto Leismer.

Israel S: (b. 1877 - d. 1877) Israel was born in Greenbank and was sickly from birth. He died approximately three weeks after his birth and was buried in Sacred Heart Cemetery in Uxbridge.

James Henry: (b. 1878 - d. 1950) Born in Brechin, James married Susan Kelly, (b. 1903) . He was buried in the Ocean View Cemetery in Burnaby, B.C.

Rosella (Rose): (b. 1880 - d. 1949) Born in Brechin, she married James Wood, Feb. 13th. 1899 at St. Andrew's Church in Brechin. Rosella is buried in Shelburne, Ontario.

Charlotte Priscilla: (b. 1882 -d. 1885) Born in Brechin, she died Oct. 2nd. in her 3rd. year of life and was buried in Brechin.

Thomas Edward: (b. 1884 - d. 1885) Born in Brechin, he died Oct. 19th. as a child of one year and was buried in Brechin.

David I: (b. 1886 - d. 1957) Born in Brechin on Oct. 22nd. On Dec. 8th. 1911, he married Cassie Steele (b. 1897 - d. 1990) in Halibury, Ont. He is buried in the Catholic Cemetery in Timmins, Ontario. Cassied died in Fergus, Ontario in her 95th. year and she is buried in Guelph at the Woodlawn Cemetery.

Louis: (b. 1888 d. 1960) Louis was born June 6th. in Brechin. On Feb. 28, 1916, he married Anne Egan(b. 1888 d. 1966). He married Anne Egan in St. Patrick's Church in Toronto. Both Anne and Lou are buried in Vancouver, B.C.

Stafford: (b. 1892 - d. 1893)

The Move To Brechin

In the 1871 census, Joseph, 35 and Mary Jane Gerow, 30, were living with his parents, Jean and Charlotte in Borelia. They had four children: Joseph II, 5 yrs., Francis 3 yrs., Peter 2 yrs., and Sarah, an infant of one month. At home also was Joseph's older brother, John, who was 38. Joseph I and Mary Jane's first child, Joseph II, had the nickname of 'Hardtimes' because he came along when the times were particularly hard. The story is told that once when the older children brought the bread home, Mary Jane broke it into pieces for the family. She reserved none for herself as there wasn't enough to go around. Perhaps for this reason Joseph I decided to move his family to Brechin where he could get land and have his own farm. In 1877 the family moved from Borelia. Details of this trip were given to Sr. Catherine Seemann by Mary (Clutchey Mulhern) Kuntz, Opal and Charlie Clutchey, as well as other members of the family. Francis was ten years old and Fred was four.

They travelled by ox-cart and their belongings travelled the same way. Mary Jane's sister Armene rode in the ox-cart sitting in an armchair and smoking her pipe. We have no way of knowing if Heman (Mary Jane's brother) went along, but it is likely that he did. We do not know how long they stayed in the various places on the way. But we do know that at this time Mary Jane was expecting. A baby boy, Israel S. was born in Greenbank, Ontario, on March 12th. 1877. He was sickly and died on April 2nd. 1877. The child was buried in the Sacred Heart Cem. at Uxbridge.

The church attached to this Cemetery is one that Joseph helped to build. His name is registered on the payroll. It is likely that at this time Mary Clutchey Tucker, Joseph I's sister, was living in Sunderland and so the family stopped there to visit for a while. The family would have to pass through Beaverton and it would be with relief that the group finally reached Brechin. Here Joseph I was able to obtain 115 acres of crown land although we have not found a record of this.

By 1881 the family had grown to eight children, Joseph I was 36, Mary Jane was 35 and the children were Joseph 16, Francis 15, Peter 12, Sarah Jane 10, Frederick 8, Gertrude 6, James 3, and Rosella, an infant of eight months. Many stories are told of the Clutchey family when they lived in Brechin. The following have been collected from Francis and Opal Clutchey. Each fall, wood had to be cut for winter use. At these times Francis and Joe helped Joseph I do the sawing. The log was placed on sawhorses while being sawed. The two boys pulled on one side of the saw and Joseph I pulled the saw back on the other. The cut wood was sold for 25 cents a cord and became the family's money supply for the winter. All able-bodied men went to the logging camps north of Brechin to work for the winter. They went into the camp in the fall and came out in the spring. From time to time logging contests were held for the loggers. A day off work was given to prepare for the contest and two days after to rest up. Joseph Clutch ey's camp did the biggest day's work. Charlie Clutchey spoke with great pride of his grandfather's accomplishments.

Peter, Joseph I's son, was lame, one leg being shorter than the other. Since he would often fall, then have to push himself up again, he became as strong as a horse. He also went to the logging camps in winter. The year Catherine Seemann and Theresa Seemann Michaud with the latter's husband, Rolland Michaud, visited Brechin, they saw the little red house that Mary Jane and Armene lived in after Joseph I died. Marie Seemann would often tell of the times as a child she would go to school in Brechin from the farm, then after school, go to her grandmother's. She then would cut across the fields to go home. She said this trip made a triangle for her and sure enough it did. In the 1891 census, Joseph I is 47, Mary Jane is 46, Joseph II is 26, Francis 24, Peter 22, Jane 20, Frederick 18, Gertrude 16, James 13, Rose 11, David 4, and Louis 2 (spelled 'Lewis' in Census)

Soon the children of Jean Francois Cloutier (John Cluchey) and Charlotte Salois married and began their own homes. Joseph I lived on the farm until he died of heart failure January 17 1900.

In 1904 and 1907, Mary Jane listed as 'widow' Fred and Joseph II, her sons, are on the voters list for Brechin, in 1910 only Joseph II and Mary Jane are listed. Fred had already left for Mazenod, Sakatchewan.

The exodus from the Brechin homestead was now almost complete. Frank Clutchey and Polly stayed on the farm with Opal, Charlie, Francis and Bernard Donnelly, until Charlie their son, took over.

The remainder of the family had left to make their mark in Toronto, Western Canada and Northern Ontario. IT WAS NOT GOING TO BE AN EASY ROAD FOR MOST

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    QUAY 3 Joseph was born February 26th in Iberville Quebec

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