Person:John Wetherall (1)

John Wetherall
b.bef. 1711
d.Bet. Sep 1762-Mar 1763 Culpepper, Virginia
  • HJohn Wetherallbef 1711 - Bet 1762
  • WLily Unknownbef 1714 - Bef 1757
m. bef. 1731
  1. George Weatherall1731 - Bef 1785
  • HJohn Wetherallbef 1711 - Bet 1762
  • WMargaret
m. Bef 1758
  1. Sarah Wetherall1758 -
  2. John Weatherall1762 - 1824
Facts and Events
Name John Wetherall
Alt Name John Weatherall
Gender Male
Birth[1] bef. 1711 [assuming son George was born in 1731]
Marriage bef. 1731 to Lily Unknown
Residence[1] 12 May 1738 Orange, Virginia, United StatesSt. Mark's parish, paid for "salavating" John Hughs
Property[1] 20 Nov 1740 Orange, Virginia, United Statesreceived lease for life of land on Mt. Pony
Property[1] 24 Mar 1742 Orange, Virginia, United Stateswith wife Lily, received a deed of gift from William Duff
Property[1] 2 Jul 1742 Spotsylvania, Virginia, United Stateswitness to deed
Residence[1] 23 Feb 1743 Orange, Virginia, United Statesregistered cattle mark
Property[1] 1745 Orange, Virginia, United Statesreceived grant of land
Marriage Bef 1758 date based on birth of oldest known child
to Margaret
Property[1] 18 Nov 1757 Orange, Virginia, United Statesdeeded property to son George
Death[1] Bet. Sep 1762-Mar 1763 Culpepper, Virginia
Will[1][2] 26 Sep 1762 Culpeper, Virginia, United Stateswrote will
Will[1][2] 17 Mar 1763 Culpeper, Virginia, United Stateswill proven

Land Records

1721-1735 King George County Deed Book 1-A, (Antient Press); pp. 282-283
Indenture 8th October 1733 bettween WILLIAM DUFF of Hanover Parish King George County Planter & JOHN ROSE of same Planter .. for five hundred pounds Tobacco & Cask and the Quitrents for 100 acres to be paid yearly hath granted to farm Lett unto JOHN ROSE beginning head of spring Branch where JOHN TAYLOR formerly lived; across EDWARD TAYLORS old field to line of WILLIAM HUDSON; to line of Capt. BENJAMIN STROTHERS .. to hold during natural lives of JOHN ROSE & FRANCES ROSE his now wife .. or Survivor paying on 10th Decr. yearly .. Patys (sic) above do bind themselves to each other .. penal sum of 5000 pounds of Tobacco .. to be paid at Breach or denial of any agreement ..
(Signed) Wm. x Duff
Presence John Brown, Jno. Wetheral, Wm: Sarjant
3rd May 1734 .. Deed of Lease recorded.
[Note: John Wetherall's wife Lilly was also named in the will of William Duff of King George County, written in 1741 and proven in 1745].

Estate Records

Page 474. . 16 March 1764. We have divided the land devised by John Wetherall to his two sons George and John according to the will of the decedent.
(Signed) George Wetherall
M. Pendleton for John Wetherall
Plat: John Wetherall's part, 200 acres; George Wetherall's part, 200 acres.
16 March 1764. Returned by Samuel Clayton Jr., surveyor
Orange County, Virginia Deed Books 5, 6, 7 & 8, 1743-1773


Is John the same person as the Joseph Wetherall who served in the French and Indian War under Capt. Henry Woodward, or is there another Wetherall family in Culpeper at the same time?

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    Saint Mark's Parish Vestry Book 1730-1753, p. 34: "At a Vestry held for Saint Mark's Parish at the Church in the Fork on Friday, May 12, 1738 . . . ordered that John Wetherall be paid 300 pounds of tobacco this insuing year or thirty shillings by the lst of nex. July for his charge and trouble of his house in salavating John Hughs."
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    Deed Book D, Spotsylvania, Virginia: "George Musick of Spts Co., and Ann his wife, to Nicholas Randall of Spts., Co., . . . 170 ac in St. Geo Parish," John Wetherall witness
    Book 4, p. 51 - John Weatherall registered his cattle mark, a sallowfork on the left ear and an under keil and over keil on the right
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    John Wetheral was one of several people who received land in the Wood's River [alternate name for New River ] Grant following the conclusion of the Treaty of Lancaster. (Source:Kegley, "Settlements on Branches of James and Roanoke Rivers)
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    18 Nov 1757, John Wetherall deeded 200 acres to his son, George Weatherall in what is now Madison County, being the same land deeded to John and his wife Lily by Wm. Duff. (Deed Book C, pp. 67, 68)
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    on 24 Mar 1742, William Duff 'of Parish of Hanover and County of King George inVirginia) deeded land "lying in the Parish of St. Mark's, County of Orange . . . near Huses Mountain" to John and Lilly Wetherall his wife in considration of "the real love and affections that I bear unto" them during their natural lives, and after their decease to "the lawful issue of the said Lilly Wetherall", otherwise to the lawfully begotten heirs of Robert Green, Gent. Signed by his mark

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    Original: pp. 311-313
    I, John Wetherall of St. Marks Parish in the county of Culpeper . . . .
    Item 1st: I give and bequeath to my loving son George Wetherall the two negroes now in his possession . . . .
    Item 2d: I give and bequeath to my loving wife Margaret one third part of all my household goods and stocks of all sorts . . . .
    Item 3d: I give and bequeath to my loving children Sarah and John all the rest of my Negroes . . . when my said daughter, Sarah, shall arrive to the age of Eighteen years which will happen in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred & seventy six. . . . Also I give and bequeath to my said children Sarah and John the other two third of any household goods and stocks of all sorts . . . .
    Item 4th: I give and bequeath to my two sons George and John my tract of land which I bought of Thomas Covington . . . .
    Item 5th: I lend unto my loving wife the Lott & Plantation whereon I now live during her life But in case my Landlord Colo. Carter should dispossess her of the lott and plantation aforesaid that then she enter upon and have hold and Enjoy the said moiety of the 400 acres of land above mentioned belonging to my son John until he arrive to Lawfull age
    lastly I do hereby appoint my loving Son George Wetherall and my Trusty Friends Nathaniel Pendleton & William Williams Executors
    signed 26 Sept 1762, John Wetherall
    Witnesses: James Strother, Mary Morris, P. Clayton
    Will proved 11 Mar 1763 at a Culpeper County Court
    The executors refused to take the burthen of Execution and Margaret the Widow and Relict of the said Decedant granted Letters of Administration