Person:John Talcott (19)

Lieutenant Colonel John Talcott
b.est 1625
m. bef 1625
  1. Lieutenant Colonel John TalcottEst 1625 - 1688
  2. Mary TalcottEst 1629 -
  3. Captain Samuel TalcottCal 1635 - 1691
  • HLieutenant Colonel John TalcottEst 1625 - 1688
  • WHelena Wakeman1632 - 1674
m. 29 Oct 1650
  1. John Talcott1651 -
  2. John Talcott1653 - 1683
  3. Elizabeth Talcott1656 - 1710
  4. Mary Talcott1661 - 1723
  5. Hannah Talcott1663 - 1696
  6. Dorothy Talcott1667 - 1696
  7. Governor Joseph Talcott1669 - 1741
  8. Helena Talcott1674 - 1702
  • HLieutenant Colonel John TalcottEst 1625 - 1688
  • WMary Cooke1646/47 -
m. 9 Nov 1676
Facts and Events
Name[1] Lieutenant Colonel John Talcott
Gender Male
Birth[1] est 1625
Marriage 29 Oct 1650 to Helena Wakeman
Marriage 9 Nov 1676 to Mary Cooke
Death[2][3][4][5][6] 23 Jul 1688 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Burial[5] Ancient Burying Ground, Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
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    John (Talcott), b. say 1625.

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    John Talcott, Hartford; son of the first John; born in England; was Ensign, 1650; and married, 29 October of that year, Helena, or Ellen, Wakeman, probably daughter of John of New Haven; had John, born 4 November 1651, died soon; John, again, 14 December 1653, who died 30 July 1683, or 1684, without issue; Elizabeth, 21 February 1656; Samuel, 21 August 1658, died at 22 years; Mary, 26 April 1661; Hannah, 8 December 1663; Dorothy, 20 February 1667; Joseph, 16 November 1669; and Helena, 17 June 1674; his wife died days after; and he married, 9 November 1676, Mary Cook; had Ruth, 12 September 1677; Sarah, 16 November 1679, died in three weeks; Rachel, 23 February 1682; Jonathan, 15 February 1684; and Hezekiah, 24, baptized 28 February 1686; and this youngest child settled at Durham. The father was freeman, 1652; representative 1660; and became a captain; in 1661, was chosen treasurer of the Colony, and an Assistant, in which place he was continued under the new charter for union of Connecticut and New Haven; chosen Commissioner at the Congress of the New England Colonies, 1669, 70, 1, 3, and 6; in Philip's war, was much in service, a Colonel, sometimes having command of all the Colonial forces; and died 23 July 1688. Elizabeth married, probably, Joseph Wadsworth, who, in his will, speaks of brother Talcott's land; Mary married Richard Edwards, as his second wife; Hannah married Nathan Gould; Dorothy married, 31 December 1691, the third Thomas Stoughton of Windsor, Helena married Cyprian Nichols of Hartford; Ruth married John Read, the great lawyer of Boston; Rachel married, 21 March 1700, perhaps Peter, more probably Gershom Bulkley. Great confusion among family reports arises from the identity of names, as herein is shown. Two Rachel Talcotts married, in adjacent towns, two Bulkleys, one of whom was Peter, son of Gershom; but which Rachel married this Peter, or which Bulkley married the elder of the cousins, Rachel Talcott, who was child of the younger brother Talcott, must be very carefully weighed. In my opinion, geography is to be regarded as influential in some degree.

  3. Barbour, Lucius Barnes. Families of Early Hartford, Connecticut. (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1977)

    Lieutenant Colonel John Talcott, son of John and Dorothy (Mott), died 23 July 1688; married, first, 29 October 1650, Helena Wakeman, baptized 23 December 1632, died 21 June 1674, daughter of John Wakeman of New Haven; married, second, 9 November 1676, Mary Cook. Lieutenant Colonel John Talcott, son of John, freeman, 1652; townsman, 1653; deputy 1660, 1661; chosen Treasurer to succeed his father 17 May 1660, which office he held until 1676, when he resigned and was appointed to the command of the troops raised for King Philip’s War. He was always victorious and obtained great renown as an Indian fighter. He was one of the patentees named in the Charter of 1662, and that document was entrusted to Wyllys, Talcott and Allyn for safekeeping. He died leaving a numerous family.

  4. John Talcott, in Jacobus, Donald Lines, and Edgar Francis Waterman. Hale, House and Related Families, Mainly of the Connecticut River Valley. (Hartford: The Connecticut Historical Society, 1952)

    "John (Talcott), d. at Hartford, 23 July 1688; … John Talcott was one of the most useful men in Connecticut in his generation. He was chosen Ensign of the Hartford Train Band, June 1650, and was referred to as Captain as early as Oct. 1660. He served as Deputy for Hartford, May and Oct. 1660, June and Oct. 1661; and as Assistant of the Colony, 1662 to 1687 inclusive. He was Treasurer of the Colony, 1660 to 1675 inclusive, declining that office in 1676 and 1677. He was one of those named as Patentees of the Royal Charter in 1662. He was a Commissioner for the United Colonies, 1663, 1669, 1671, 1673, 1676, 1683, 1684, and 1686. In March 1663 he was a Commissioner to treat with New Haven relative to the absorption of that colony by Connecticut; Commissioner on the New York boundary, Oct. 1663, on the Massachusetts and Rhode Island boundaries, Oct. 1664, and on the Rhode Island boundary, May 1672. He served on Indian committees, 1671, 1674 and 1676, and on the Militia Committee, July 1666. He was appointed Chief Military Officer, Hartford County, June 1672, and Major, Aug. 1673. In Nov. 1673 he was made Commander-in-Chief against New York; a member of the War Council, Nov. 1673, July 1675, and May 1676; Commander-in-Chief, May 1676, King Philip's War. He was appointed to keep Court in New London, 1678, 1680 and 1681, and to preside over the Court of Assistants, May 1686."

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    Talcott, Lt. Col. John. An inventory of the Estate of John Talcot Esq., Lieutenant Colonall & one of his Matie’s Justices of the Peace & Quorom for the County of Hartford, who died 23 July 1688, the total amount of Personal Estate being Inventoried at £282-03-06. Taken the 18 of September 1688, by John Gilbert and Jonathan Ashley. In Lands, £1,941-00-00. Taken 3 November 1689. Also two Negroes, and Indian Boy and an Indian Girle, & a Bull, £41-00-00. Total: £2,272-03-06.

    Court Record, Page 8 – 20 November 1689: The Personal Estate Distributed by the Adms. & Nathaniel Stanly. The Real Estate to be left for the Consideration of the Court of Assistants until May next.

    NOTE: The eldest son surviving made claim to the whole of the realty as his by right under English Law.─(C. W. M.)

    Two parcells of land, given by Joshua Sachem, not divided. Contents unknown."